How to disable or enable System Restore

System Restore is a very useful feature included in Windows Vista which allows you to restore your system and files to a previous state. We have covered this tool on many occasions. However, we did not show you how to enable or disable this tool for one partition or more. In this article we will cover these two topics.

How to open System Restore

First, type ‘system restore’ in the Start Menu search field and press Enter or click on the search result. Alternatively, you can go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.

System Restore

The main System Restore window will now open. Click on the ‘open System Protection’ link shown below.

System Restore

In the new window you will see a list with all your partitions and when was the most recent restore point created.

System Restore

How to disable System Restore

Each partition on which System Restore is enabled has a box checked on its left. To disable System Restore on any of the selected partitions you need to uncheck those boxes. Unchecking all boxes will mean that System Restore is completely disabled.

When you uncheck a box, you will receive a warning like the one shown below.

System Restore

Click on ‘Turn System Protection Off’ and System Restore will be disabled.

NOTE: Unless you use other system recovery tools, it is recommended to leave System Restore enabled at least for your main system ‘C:’ drive.

How to enable System Restore

Enabling System Restore on other partitions than the ‘C:’ drive is very easy. In the System Protection tab, simply check the other partitions for which you want to enable it.

System Restore

When done, click on OK. From now on, System Restore will create restore points for all the partitions that you have selected.

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4 thoughts on “How to disable or enable System Restore”

  1. Missing files due to virus
    I have VISTA and when I go to All Programs, then Accessories, then System Tools…There is NO syatem tools, thus no System Restore
    My computer is Hihhjacked by MS Removal Tool. File ashDisp.exe was infected, Please activate your antivirus software. Well, that dosent work either. Try to re install antivirus and the cd drive will not work. Nothing works except to go with these highjackers.

  2. cannot turn on system restore
    on my system properties folder, the only tabs i have are “computer name, hardware, advanced, and remote”, but no “system protection” tab. when i try to use system restore, i get the message “system restore has been turned off by group policy. to turn on system restore, contact your domain administrator.”

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