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Netgear Wi-Fi Router DG834v3

Hi there,

I have the same router an ACER 5610 laptop only 4 weeks old.
I had exactly the same problem as you did, so here's what i done and it work ok.

1, Uninstall router and resit it with the rest button at the back
2, Write down everything that you input on the setup
3, Ensure that you put in the correct username and password
4, Keep the name NETGEAR for the Wi-Fi configuration
5, Ensure that you put in the passphrase and WEP (key 1) exactly
6, Let the laptop find the NETGEAR name
7, Once it has found the name NETGEAR it will then configure the IP address from the router. (this for me took about 15mins) so be PATIENT...

Once that is done it should (like mine) tell you that it has CONNECTED SUCCESSFULLY TO NETGEAR.
I hope this helps



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