How to check your Network Connection Status

Windows Network and Sharing Center is pretty well structured and quite easy to use, some users still might have some trouble in accommodating to it. Configuring your network settings is easier than ever but even so, finding some configuration options might be a difficult task.

In Windows XP, you just have to double click on the appropriate network icon from the taskbar and the Network Connection Status is opened.

Network Connection Status

In the General tab you see details such as the network speed or the packets that are being sent and received.

Network Connection Status

If you click on the Support tab you can see your IP address and Subnet Mask.

Network Connection Status

In Windows Vista, if you double click on the network icon you will see a list with the networks you are connected to.

Network Connection Status

To access the Network Connection Status, click on the Network and Sharing Center link.

Network Connection Status

Here you will see a more detailed list with the networks you are connected to. Click on the View status link for the network you want to check.

Network Connection Status

The Network Connection Status window will open. As you can see, it is a bit different in comparison with Windows XP.

Network Connection Status

The main difference is that the Support tab no longer exists. However you can still see details such as your IP address, Subnet Mask and so on. All you have to do is click on the Details button and you will have access to even more information than before.

Network Connection Status

In Windows 10, first click the Network Icon (1) in the taskbar and then click Network settings (2). New screen opens and now click Network and Sharing Center and you can view your active networks and set up new connections.

Network Connection Status

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Private Network

It's all very simple until I want to share media with my Xbox 360. It keeps defaulting as 'unknown network' or 'public network' after each restart. Is there a way to keep it as a private network? Public network disables media sharing.

Seing share drive with VISTA

Just receive a VISTA machine and I've encountered the following problems :

Can't see any share drive from XP machines although I could ping these machines. I'm also unable to get to these PC by either entering their IP or full address \\machinename\sharedrive.
I was able to connect to all network printer and the internet.

HELP !!!!!!!

Network and sharing center

I've lost my "view status" when I've used my dial-in connection. Rebooting hasn't returned the "view status" link.


I am in the dark when it comes to technology. I just bought a DELL laptop and it has a wireless card. I was able to connect to the internet for the first week. Now it say that it is unable to find any networks, but my PC at homes finds them perfectly... Is my laptop the problem or is it my router? Any suggestions?

Hello sir, Can i use this

Hello sir,
Can i use this content for educational purpose?


Internet connectivity

when i connect to broadband to my vista - HP laptop .in status bar shows ACCESS- ONLY LOCAL instead of 'local and internet; on ipv4. so i can ping but cannot connect to internet. HOW can i change the setup?


i cant seem to see the network icon on the notification taskbar n i can't click the checkbox asking whether we want to always show the icon, same goes for the volume icon. i can click it for the power and clock box. anyone know what;s the problem??

i can do

right click on taskbar then select properys click on properys in taskbar and Start menu properys click on notification area put tick on power and network

One more useful Windows feature removed... Any shortcuts?

Is it possible to get a direct shortcut to network traffic and speed like in the old days? Going down through all these convoluted steps to get to the status window (which should be directly accessible in the tray in place of the tons of useless ones) is a major usability rollback (among many others in Vista to all who have used this OS for any length of time have undoubtedly found out).

Any idea what is the actual name of the status window application? Once known it could as simple as getting a shortcut or tray icon for direct access.

Or did Microsoft once again purposefully remove a useful feature with an extra layer of obscurity in the name of sacro sanct 'convenience' or 'security'?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick and tired of constantly having to fight Microsoft to get back control of MY computer!!!

Fn+F5 , wireless radio button disappeared

I have a lenovo laptop, with Windows Vista installed. For a week now the web page says "Cannot Find Server" although the PC that is conected to the router works fine..
Like in Windows XP, i used to disable then enable the network, once i disabled this one, i an unable to enable it,

Also in the network and sharing center, my computer says connected to linksys, but the linksys to internet has a big red X, i an assuming this is the problem

Kindly advise me,

I am new to all this

the higher shortcut NCPA.CPL

the higher shortcut

NCPA.CPL in your vista search bar + enter

im a newbie when it comes to

im a newbie when it comes to this technology thing and i will appreciate it very much if you could help me with my problem.

i've been trying to use the WIFI connection of our school.. it says that my connection is good but still i cant surf the net.. when it was diagnose it says that " there might be a problem with 1 or more network adaptors on this computer" what does it mean? how can i correct this.


Wireless Network won't enable

I recently bought a new Compaq with Windows Vista. I can't get it working with my Belkin wireless router. When I go to Network and Sharing, I can see my wireless connection but it's disabled. I right click to enable it and the enabling window pops up (running) but it never completes the process. Left it on all right and still nothing. It's like it's stuck in a loop.

Laptop can't connect to the internet

Daughter laptop has been working fine for the past year. All of a sudden it can't connect to the internet though it is coonected to my network. It shows a strong signal. My other laptops are working fine. Tried netsh winsock reset catalog followed by a reboot. Checked IP address and rebooted router . Any suggestions

Vaio monitor broke/blind network config set up

How can I set up a network so I can access my files etc on my broken laptop (monitor). I was using an external monitor but now my vga port or connection is fried. HELP I want to get into my files. My backup computer is xp and my vaio is vista.

Cannot connect to Internet Wirelessly

Cannot connect to Internet Wirelessly. But can connect with wire connected to laptop frm router. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium...Please help.

Connecting problem

I have a wireless router that I use for my iPad and TiVo connections. But my desktop is connected by wire to the Internet. The connection goes to the router and then to my desktop. But the desktop keeps dropping the Internet connection. Can you tell me how to set it up so this won't keep happening?

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