Windows Network Diagnostic - diagnose network problems the easy way

One of the novelties in Windows Vista is the inclusion of the Windows Network Diagnostic tool. This tool can help you identify and resolve with ease most of your network problems. You don't have to be a specialist in computer networks to find out what is wrong with your network or internet connection. You just run the tool and it will report to you the problems that were discovered.

In this tutorial we will show how to use Windows Network Diagnostics to successfully identify connectivity problems.

There are several ways to find this tool. One of them is to go to Control Panel and search the word "network". In the list of search results you will find the Network and Sharing Center. Beneath it, you will see a link called Identify and repair network problems. Click on it and Windows Network Diagnostic will be launched.

In Windows 10 you have a new tool called "Find and fix networking and connection problems". You can find it by clicking the search icon in the bottom-left and typing that name.

Windows Network Diagnostic

Another option would be to go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center-> Diagnose and repair. Alternatively, when you access your Network Connections, right click on your network icon and choose Diagnose.

Windows Network Diagnostic

When launched, Windows Network Diagnostic starts the process of identifying your connectivity problems.

Windows Network Diagnostic

After a while the tool will tell you if it managed to find any problems or not. When a problem is found, Windows Network Diagnostics will show the description and propose a solution, if possible.

Windows Network Diagnostic

In the above screenshot you can see there was a problem with our DNS server. When you click on the proposed solution, Windows Network Diagnostics tries to apply a fix that might repair the problem.

Windows Network Diagnostic

After the repair is finished, the tool checks if the problem persists or not.

Windows Network Diagnostic

As you can see in the screenshot below, in our case, the problem could not be fixed. In this scenario, the remaining solution is to contact our internet provider and inform it about our problem.

Windows Network Diagnostic

There are many other possible scenarios of things that could go wrong. The good news is that Windows Network Diagnostics will help you identify them in a few seconds, with only one click.

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Decent, but kind of obvious. It would be nice if there was some command line stuff to help the troubleshooting process.


Vista Network Discovery Problem

When I try to turn on Network Discovery after selecting the apply button the Network Discovery selection reverts back to "off." I have other machines that have no trouble accessing my router. I've run Norton and it doesn't seem to find any virus problems. I had a good connection one day and the next I can't find any networks...

cannot connect to wireless router

I have an Acer Aspire laptop and I'm trying to set up a wireless connection at home using a Netgear router. I tried connecting with a cable first but the laptop doesn't connect to the internet even with the cable. What can I do?

windows diagnostics

Why does Windows Network Diagnostic screen pop up after it says a page cannot be displayed and then when you ask it to diagnose the problem it says there is no problem or it tells you to plug in a cable. No cables are unplugged, my computer is wireless. When I rebute the computer the message doesn't come up again.

Can't connect to my OWN wireless

I have a wireless router, had it set up- then the computer decided it wasn't going to stay connected.
I have NO issues when using anyone elses Wi-Fi- but for whatever reason I keep getting the message that "the settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network" that's fine, if it showed up immediately....not 4 days after I set it up.

WHAT is the issue with this ? Why is it, when I google for answers, it seems there are none- that actually work anyway !!

Vista is fine otherwise, but this is an issue I'd rather not be forced to deal with !!

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