Configure Windows Live Mail to connect to Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Mail

If you will try to configure Windows Mail to retrieve your e-mail messages from services such as Windows Live Hotmail or MSN Mail, you will always receive the following error message: ‘Windows Mail no longer supports the HTTP servers used by Hotmail and other web-based e-mail providers‘. That’s because, for reasons known only by Microsoft, HTTP forwarding is no longer supported in Windows Mail. You can retrieve your e-mail messages only if you use their newest e-mail client called Windows Live Mail.

In our future articles we will talk more about this new e-mail client. For now, I will show you how to configure it to connect to Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Mail, and access your e-mail from your computer.

First, download and install Windows Live Mail. Then launch it and look for the ‘Add an e-mail account’ button.

Windows Live Mail

Now complete the following fields with your personal information as shown below.

Windows Live Mail

After you have filled all your personal information, click on Next. In the next window check the box that says ‘Set this account as the default mail account’.

Windows Live Mail

Congratulations! This is all there is to it.Now Windows Live Mail will automatically download all your e-mail messages.

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32 thoughts on “Configure Windows Live Mail to connect to Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Mail”

  1. Windows Live mail and Family Safety
    I use windows live mail for all users on PC but cannot access hotmail through windows live mail with windows live family safety applied. Even with allow hotmail accounts tick box applied on her user settings. Any ideas on how to overcome this.

    • How To configur Mail service!
      Hi, i have an account in live mail but i want to receive my all mail in windows live mail witch i like outlook but the problem is that i maked new account in windows live mail but it’s want Incoming Server and out going server what i wrote there to connect with live mail service plz repaly me thank you….

  2. Great Software
    This is a great software! Thanks for showing it to us. I tried it out and it perfectly integrated with my hotmail account. Another wonderful aspect is that it automatically imported my Gmail account on my Windows Mail. Now whenever i open Windows Live Mail, I can send/receive mail from both my accounts without manually switching between them in my web browser! Convenient!

  3. Gmail & windows live mail
    my recent purchase of a new PC came with Windows Mail. I have tried everything, used all tips etc. to try and get my gmail account forwarded automatically without success. Will I have better luck with LiveMail ? Anyone with similar problem?

  4. Thanks
    After manually downloading live installer from another pc and transfering it, finally got it working, great tips, hotmail and normal mail working from one menu, just like outlook express from my old machine, the way it should be.

    Many Thanks


  5. Web Page Not Found for Live Mail AND Hotmail!
    Ever since I tried to configure Windows Live Mail I can not get to my mail accounts at all. I receive a Bad Request message that says Web Page Not Found whether I type, or LiveMail. I receive this error even when I click on the downlad Windows Live Mail configuration link from this very help screen. Ugh…so frustrating…what did I do and how can I fix it?

  6. Windows Live Mail downloading ALL my old e-mails, unnecessarily
    I just got Windows Live Mail with an upgrade to MSN messenger… It looks good.
    But what I can’t understand is why it is downloading all my old e-mails in my hotmail account – there are thousands of them, and I really don’t need them on my PC… I thought the world was moving towards internet-only applications. So, this seems like a backward step to me As nice as Windows Live Mail looks (and it is nicer than hotmail), I can’t see the value in having every e-mail I ever sent or received through Hotmail sitting on my PC…
    Is this not an option I can switch off?

    Also, does anyone know where Microsoft stores all those e-mails on my PC, so I can delete them?
    Hoping someone has some advice!
    Many thanks!

    • delete emails
      VISTA theyre in your my folder/documents/livemail. within there, theyre located at various spots depending on how clean you keep your in box. it should be pretty obvious once your in this folder

  7. windows live is unable receive mails from
    The gmail account is configured successfully. but the mails are not downloaded from it is showing an error unable connect POP3 server….

    i am able to send/receive mails from

    Kindly help me on this..

  8. cannot send mail
    i have a bt internet account. i can recieve mail but not send any. I get an error window saying the incoming server failed eventhough it is the same as the outgoing one. a few weeks ago i could send mail now i can’t.

  9. Unable to Download email
    Dear Sir,
    I had just started using Windows Live mail ….I am having problem with my email account as it keeps telling me that I have an incorrect password ……when i do the same setup in Microsoft Outlook, the said email works perfectly !!!!!!

    Am i doing something incorrect or is there a setting that I had a problem with ??


  10. Unable to download Windows Live Mail
    I have a windows live hotmail email account and windows live messenger. I’ve tried to download windows live mail, but it never will complete. It keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet. But I am or I wouldn’t be able to click the download link?

    Any ideas of why this is happening and how to resolve it?

    Thank you

  11. I do not see the same screen
    I do not see the same screen as shown in the 2nd image above. I get a screen asking for POP3 and smtp details. I have followed the instructions above exactly.

  12. Re: Windows live configuration
    hi i have followed carefully the step by step instruction on windows live mail still it is not running when it sign in wiht hotmail. pls reply for further assistance

  13. Window Mail and Window Live Mail.
    I have luck setting up Window Live Mail as opposed to Window Mail. Can
    anyone explain to me the different between Window Live and Window Mail? It’s very confusing. Why is it hard to setup Window Mail? I tried
    using and on Window Mail and it failed.
    What did I do wrong?

  14. Vista & Windows Live
    Thank you so much…this was such a helpful set up!! I have been fighting with this for 3 days now and this website made it sooooo simple!! What a lifesaver…way too much stress over the past couple days!!

  15. Sending pictures
    I used to be able to attach “photos” and click on the pictures I wanted to send; however now I need to attach them as files and can only attach one at a time. Can you please explain what happened?
    I use Windows Vista and have Windows Live Homtail

  16. I have MSN Premium and now
    I have MSN Premium and now with Windows Vista, I have downloaded Windows Live Mail to connect. It works well, but from time to time, the Windows Live Mail will not open. I have to restart my computer to get it to open. Can anyone tell me why?

  17. Making Live Mail default
    Hi. Was wondering if there is any way to make Windows Live Mail the default mail program on my Vista PC? Since I only use Hotmail, the Windows Mail on my system doesn’t support it. By switching to Live Mail, when I click on an address link, will Live Mail open, or will Windows Mail still be the default mail server? I hate the fact that I have to copy the e-mail addy, open my Hotmail, then paste the addy in order to send e-mail.
    Is there anyway to have Live Mail open when I click mail links on webpages?

  18. I can not connect to my emails
    I have windows vista for some reason all of a sudden I can not connect to my emails, it is statin that I need to have java script, what is wrong? And how can I fix this

  19. config window mail to gmail
    dear all every thing is ok for me but just a thing when i used to send the mail a get a below error
    ‘An unknown error has occurred. Subject ‘look’, Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B ‘

  20. windows live mail
    I have imported my mail from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail. After several trials I can find my recent mails but not my older mails (thousands of them.) I can see counting down during importing but cannot find my mails. Where are they? Can anybody please help what the problem is?

  21. Help!!!
    This is the msg that I get when I try to syn msgs to windows live mail from hotmail. Plz help!

    Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail account. Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to Windows Live ID at this time. Please try again later.

    Server Error: 0x80048820
    Server: ‘’
    Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x80048820

  22. Doesn’t Work for Hotmail accounts From Different Domains
    I have a Windows Live Mail account, using the domain “”, because my school likes to give Hotmail accounts to their alumni – because it’s free. Unfortunately, Windows Live Mail software doesn’t seem to recognize this e-mail as a Hotmail/Windows Live Mail account. So, what you showed us doesn’t work for me. What I need are some instructions that would show someone like me how to use my Windows Live Mail account with my Windows Live Mail software, without getting a new account which has the “” domain name.

  23. Windows Live Email + MSN

    I’m receiving my emails on Windows Live Email but my problem is, when I click on the button “inbox” on the contacts window of Messenger, it guides me to Hotmail homepage and doesn’t open Windows Live Email as it should.
    What can I do ?

  24. Sent Items are not synched between live mail and sent
    Dear all, I have many Sent items on the hotmail website the web based email which are not downloaded to my live mail , all inbox items are downloaded the moment i open live mail on my computer , but all sent items i sent on the hotmails kept there..

    any idea
    many thanks

  25. email issue with windows live mail (newest edition)
    i keep getting an error, but according to the techs at MS, i have to change the MTU on my DSL modem!!! What is this all about????

  26. error getting live mail to connect to hotmail
    Hi for some unknown reason, when i open my windows live mail it shows old emails but not any new emails? when i close it down i get this box up
    connecting to hotmail …tasks and errors
    send messages using hotmail …executing?
    i have left this running all night and still nothing happening seems to have either frozen or not responding.
    my task master shows its running.
    I have to open my hotmail emails through google. Can you help me please.?

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