The complete guide to the Windows Calendar – Part 2

In the second part of our Windows Calendar series we will show you how to export and import your calendars. By using the import and export functions you can make a quick backup of your calendars or you can move them on different PC’s or use them in different applications.

Exporting calendars

First, go to the Calendars section and select the calendar you want to export. Then go to the File menu and click on Export.

Windows Calendar

Now you have to select the folder where you want to export your calendar and type the appropriate file name. By default, the calendars are exported using the .ics file extension – the standard extension used to designate files containing calendaring and scheduling information, consistent with the iCalendar standard.

Windows Calendar

After you have typed the file name, click on the Save button.

Importing calendars

The quickest way to import a calendar is to simply double click on the calendar file you want to import. Please remember that the file must have the extension .ics. Other extensions are not supported by Windows Calendar. When you double click on a calendar file the import window will open. Click on the Import button and the calendar you just imported will be listed in the Calendars section.

Windows Calendar

Alternatively, you can go to the File menu and select Import.

Windows Calendar

The import window will open and you will have to browse to the location of the calendar file you want to import, select it, click on Open and then click on the Import button.

Windows Calendar

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9 thoughts on “The complete guide to the Windows Calendar – Part 2”

  1. Import .vcs file into windows calendar
    I’m getting an error importing a .vcs file with Windows calendar. The error is:
    Unable to import file: Make sure this is a valid iCalendar file and try again

    Any thoughts of how I can accomplish this task?


  2. Sharing windows calendars across user accounts
    It’s great that my kids could have their own calendar and I could superimpose it onto mine, but they have a separate user account. What’s the best way to view the calendar of someone using the same computer but using a different user account?

    None of these techniques seem quite right: 1)copying .ics files from one user to another, 2) import/export, or 3)publishing. Syncing sounds good but it’s mostly discussed as a way to keep a mobile device in sync with another device. If this is indeed a strategy that will meet my need, some how-to on using Sync Center would be helpful. I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium.

  3. problems importing .ics file to windows calendar
    I’m having problems importing .ics files to my calendar.
    My university has a great feature were you can import a seminar or meeting, but my calendar won’t import it saying that only iCalendar files supporting RFC2445 specifications are supported. What can I do?

  4. Importing by accident
    I must have accidentally imported my calendar into the same calendar, thus duplicating all items. I then looked at how this could have happened then accidentally did it again! how do you undo or delete these duplicated items???

  5. hi there, i am a makeup
    hi there, i am a makeup artist, i have a desktop pc at home that i use all the time and use my windows calendar on, i am now starting to do beauty expos and need to take my laptop i was wondering if there is anyway i can copy what i have on my desk top to my laptop vice-versa?? saves me manually copying it to the other etc….

  6. Failure to import event descriptions
    When I click on ics attachment and create new calendar, just as indicated above under ‘Importing Calendars’, I can see a box which seems to indicate that there is an entry for that day. but no description, even when I select this box. In the Details panel there is no info – this seems to just happen to me, not others who receive the same ics file.

  7. import calendar pop up everytime
    Every time I open Windows calendar I get the import pop up. I hit cancel every time. Is there a way to stop that from coming up?
    It’s just annoying.

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