Check your system health with the Reliability and Performance Monitor

One of the good things about Windows Vista is the fact that, compared to Windows XP, it incorporates a set of really good troubleshooting tools. You no longer have to buy third party tools or go to a specialist to learn what is wrong with your system.
Now everybody can easily check the health status of their systems. All you have to do is to use the Reliability and Performance Monitor included in Windows Vista.

To generate a quick system health report, you need to follow these simple steps:

In the Start Menu search box, type the word performance. From the list of returned results, click on Performance Information and Tools.

Performance Information and Tools

The Performance Information and Tools window will be opened. On the left side of the window there is a list of links. From it, select Advanced tools.

Advanced Tools

A list of available tools will be opened. Go to the bottom of the list and click on Generate a system health report.

Reliability and Performance Monitor

The Reliability and Performance Monitor will start and automatically scan your system. After a while a report will be generated.

Reliability and Performance Monitor

By default, the report will show first the errors found on your system. All the errors will have an appropriate description: symptom, cause, details, resolution and links to related information that might be helpful to the user.

Reliability and Performance Monitor

The report has plenty of sections and sub-sections such as: diagnostic results (warnings, performance), software configuration, hardware configuration, CPU information and so on.

To read the information that interests you, expand the appropriate category and sub-category. You will learn all there is to know about the health of your system.

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6 thoughts on “Check your system health with the Reliability and Performance Monitor”

  1. Windows vista Drivers
    Like you pointed out about lack of supported drivers on windows vista, I know a lot of friends that told me same story over and over again, I like MS, but sometimes he has to prioritize customer service before financial gains, if not yet ready at 100% (I am talking about drivers), please inform MS not market his new versions in coming 8 months or so before resolving first drivers issues

    ps: can anyone inform Billy Boy about this!

  2. Drivers
    If drivers are not available soon . Billy Boy needs to have lots of copys of XP in stock, I for one will go back to XP in a flash, I”M going to give Vista a try,but also not going to be aggravated, with a lot of issues that should of been fixed, before it was put on new computers. I just bought a new computer and would like to enjoy it!!! Not have to be an ITT tech to use it!

    I want to create a health report on my system but everytime i try to, the program runs but then just after the 60 seconds of data has been collected i receive a time out error and the report is aborted, any ideas how to fix this?

  4. Window Vista really is the most aggrivating windows!
    I really hate Vista but now they say that XP wasn’t going to be supported by Microsoft anymore. My IE always stops working and freezing. Not just ever once in a while, all the time. And I was told to just use another browser. Locks up when trying to search google and always acts like it’s thinking. It deletes things off of my computer. Vista does what it wants to and It pisses me off. XP, I got to know it and could manage it to do what I needed it to do and I had no problem like I’m having with Vista. I had a drive mapped (I didn’t set that up, the guy that built my computer did!) on the network to the main computer here at work and had it to backup to the main computers external hard drive and the last known successful backup was on 2/24/09. It changed the drive to E and its the F drive on the main computer. Now I can’t get it to backup to that point anymore. That is so irritating among everything else that I’ve mentioned and more. That’s how I came to finding this site. Also in my performance window it shows 54. Can you imagine that. Hello everyone, Harley

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