Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a very small and easy to use application that allows users to create short handwritten or voice notes. The notes are arranged in a stack on the desktop, similar to paper sticky notes.

It was first included in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and it also made it to the Windows Vista Tablet PC list of components. To find it go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Tablet PC.

Start Menu

The interface is very simple and easy to learn. To create a note, just start writing using your mouse or stylus.

Sticky Notes

If you want to record a voice note just press the record button and start talking. When finished press the stop button. To play the note you just recorded or any other voice note just click on the play button.

Sticky Notes

All the notes are automatically saved so you don’t need to worry about it. If you want to create a new note, just press the New Note button.

You can configure Sticky Notes to run automatically at every system startup to have quick access to all your notes.

Sticky Notes

Just go to: Tools -> Options and check the Open at Startup option.

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11 thoughts on “Sticky Notes”

  1. Keyboard with sticky notes
    Can the keyboard be used with sticky note. Like using it on a normal laptop as against a tablet PC. if it cant, what similar program work like a sticky note and can.
    Thanks alot


  2. wow.. who is the genius who thought of this idea??
    hmm awesome tool.. now only if I had a tablet… 😛
    What a stupid idea to put this software without being able to use the keyboard! but what else can you expect with the current IQ level of Microsoft programmers these days?

  3. First I thought it was a cool
    First I thought it was a cool program, until I found out, that one can’t use keyboard to type here.
    Pretty stupid, if you ask me.

  4. Boo to Sticky Notes
    I was excited about sticky notes …UNTIL i found that I CANNOT type in them. What gives? Why is this on my computer (VISTA) if I can’t use it? My friend has Windows 7 and types in hers ..they are color coded and everything. I’m so disappointed 🙁 I really needed that feature…sigh

  5. On my computer, I can type
    On my computer, I can type with StickyNote. The current computer I’m using only allows sketching notes, and I think this computer is newer.

    Why would you take away the ability to type? What a Hero-to-Zero program. Severely disappointed, thanks Microsoft.

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