Internet Explorer 7 keyboard shortcuts

As a continuation of our article on Internet Explorer 7, we have prepared for you a list with the most useful keyboard shortcuts. If you go through this list, you will find that some of these shortcuts can improve your browsing experience.

General shortcuts:

  • Turn Full Screen Mode On or Off – F11
  • Cycle through the Address Bar, Refresh button, Search Box, and items on a web page – TAB
  • Find a word or phrase on a page – CTRL+F
  • Open the current webpage in a new window – CTRL+N
  • Print the page – CTRL+P
  • Select all items on the page – CTRL+A
  • Zoom in – CTRL+PLUS
  • Zoom out – CTRL+MINUS
  • Zoom to 100% – CTRL+0

Navigation shortcuts:

  • Go to home page – ALT+HOME
  • Go backward – ALT+LEFT
  • Go forward – ALT+RIGHT
  • Refresh page – F5
  • Refresh page and the cache – CTRL+F5
  • Stop downloading page – ESC

Favorites Center shortcuts:

  • Open Favorites – CTRL+I
  • Open Favorites in pinned mode – CTRL+SHIFT+I
  • Organize Favorites – CTRL+B
  • Add current page to Favorites – CTRL+D
  • Open Feeds – CTRL+J
  • Open Feeds in pinned mode – CTRL+SHIFT+J
  • Open History – CTRL+H
  • Open History in pinned mode – CTRL+SHIFT+H

Tab shortcuts:

  • Open link in new background tab – CTRL+left mouse button
  • Open link in new foreground tab – CTRL+SHIFT+left mouse button
  • Close tab (closes window if only one tab is open) – CTRL+W
  • Open Quick Tab view – CTRL+Q
  • Open new tab – CTRL+T
  • Switch to next tab – CTRL+TAB
  • Switch to previous tab – CTRL+SHIFT+TAB

Address Bar shortcuts:

  • Select the Address Bar – ALT+D
  • Open the website address that is typed in the Address Bar in new tab – ALT+ENTER
  • View list of previously typed addresses – F4

Instant Search Box:

  • Select the Instant Search Box – CTRL+E
  • View list of search providers – CTRL+DOWN
  • Open search results in new tab – ALT+ENTER

7 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 keyboard shortcuts”

    Does Internet Explorer 7 not have the CTRL + ENTER shortcut, which adds on the “www.” and “.com”?

    How would I be able to add that shortcut into my Internet Explorer 7 because it isn’t working on my IE7.

  2. PLEASE tell me how you can
    PLEASE tell me how you can stop Backspace moving you back a page – didn’t any of the morons at Microsoft think that this could be annoying? You’re deleting a typo, next minute you on another page and you’ve lost ALL YOUR WORK! Stupidest thing ever designed. It’s called Backspace, not Move me back a page when I didn’t ask you.

  3. Arrg lost all my work again
    I so want a way to tell IE that I will click the back button in IE to go back and even if a pop up etc has made me lose focus that the backspace button means I want to backspace text not lose 20 minutes of typing.
    I have been searching all night and I found a add on for firefox that does it but nothinging for IE – I guess its time to switch at last.

  4. Another person miffed with Backspace
    Yep Just lost an entire online application form that’s taken me well over an hr to fill out.. and all because of some pointless button / function. Oh i understand if i click in my text box it delete’s text, and if i click outside the window it goes back a page… but if you accidently hit tab while typing, or are doing corrections and miss click the text box volla its all gone.. bl**dy annoying.. Does ie8.2 resolve this issue? or do i have to install “telly-tubbie firefox”?

    Most resulutions i’ve seenpoint to wards redesigning the webpage, however this isn’t much help.. I dont think the online application company will let me redesign their page.. i can ask.. hey maybe my online back will let me redesign their page too?

    P.s. im a XP user

  5. when i type something into
    when i type something into say “youtube” then press enter/return it does nothing…….didnt it used to start searching when you press enter/return ?
    anyone got a fix for this annoying as hell problem…….i use vista with no mouse, just the touch pad, so its very annoying having to move it onto the button instead of just pressing enter/return.

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