How to install a local printer

In this tutorial I will show you how to make your printer work with Windows Vista. It doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new printer or an old one – by the end of this tutorial you will have a working printer. In this tutorial I will talk only about local printers. Network printers will be covered in a separate article.

Local printers are those which you have at home/office, connected directly to the computer on which you are working. After installing the local printer, you can share it with other people that are in your network. They will be able to print but will have to come to your printer to get the pages they printed.

How to plug the printer

First, start your computer and then plug in the cables that came with your printer. You must have at least one cable which connects the printer to your power outlet and one which connects the printer to your PC. After you plugged all the cables, start the printer. To start the printer, you will either find a button that does this or it starts automatically. When it does start, it might do a “warming-up” sound or it might light a led so that you will know that is working.

Installing the printer

Now you have to install the appropriate drivers for your printer. Drivers are programs that drive the communication process between applications and devices such as your printer. If your printer is not detected and installed automatically by Windows Vista, then you will need to install the drivers yourself. They can be found on the site of your printer’s manufacturer or on the CD that comes with the printer. If you do not have or cannot install the drivers, then follow this procedure:

Click on the Start button and go to Control Panel.

In Windows 10 click the little Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of your screen and then click “Settings”. Now click “Devices” and then “Add a printer or scanner”. Windows will then guide you through the installation process.

Control Panel

In the Control Panel window, beneath Hardware and Sound, click on Printer.

Control Panel

In the Printers window click on Add a printer.

Printer Installation

In the new window, select Add a local printer.

Printer Installation

Now you have to choose the type of connection between your printer and your PC. Choose the type from the scroll down list and click on Next.

Printer Installation

If you are not sure what to choose, read the printer’s manual. Most modern printers use USB cables to connect to your PC. Older models may use LPT. If the cable looks like the one shown in the picture below, select LPT1.

Printer Installation

Now you must go to your printer and check the name of the company that made it (e.g. Lexmark, HP, etc) and the model name & number (e.g. Lexmark Z52, Hp LaserJet 4250, etc). In the next window you will see two columns. Go to the Manufacturer’s column and select the name of the company that produced your printer and in the Printers column, select the model. Once you’ve found it, select it and click on the Next button.

If you cannot find your printer, insert the CD that came along with it, click on Have Disk and Browse to your CD and then click on OK. Windows Vista will search for drivers and try to install them. Another option is to click on Windows Update and have Windows Vista search for drivers on the internet.

Printer Installation

Now you can change the printer’s name and assign it as a default printer by checking the appropriate option. When done, click on Next.

Printer Installation
The printer will now be installed. At the end you will receive a notification. Click on Finish and you are done.

Printer Installation

If it hasn’t said “You’ve successfully added …” then click on Finish and read the Troubleshooting section of this tutorial.


If Windows Vista warns you that the driver you are planning to install can’t be verified, click on ‘Install this driver software anyway’. However, you should select this only if the driver you have downloaded is created by the manufacturer of your printer, specifically for your model.

If Windows Vista doesn’t automatically recognize your printer even after you have installed the driver, the problem might be with the connection cable. Try to plug the printer to another computer and test it there, to be sure that the connection cable is not damaged.

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67 thoughts on “How to install a local printer”

  1. cant do it
    hi im stuk

    after i go into control panel then printers when i click add a printer it says windows cant open add a printer the local print spooler service is not running please restart the spooler or restart the machine i dont kno what a spooler is and i have restarted it and no results . i have an epson stylus cx5500 with the installation disc but it wont install properly it comes up with an error ….i baught that 1 yesterday because it was certified for windows vista what i didnt kno was that i could install my old brother dcp 115c on it all i needed was a vista driver but whenn i tried to install it the same thing happened it wouldnt
    communicate …………………… please help

  2. Hope this helps
    I didn’t encounter your problem but this is how I assume you can fix it.
    1.Right click Computer->Manage->Services and Applications->Services->Print Spooler. Click on The Print Spooler from the list. If the service is stopped then that is your problem. Just click on the start link and it will work. If it is already working then just click on the restart link below the Stop link. Now restart your computer and try to print.
    2. If it still doesn’t work go to Control Panel->Printer. If you see your printer here but when you are trying to print doesn’t work then just click on the printer and delete it (a button will appear on the bar). Now download driver from the main site or from this links:
    EPSON Stylus CX5500 Driver for Windows XP 64-bit or EPSON Stylus CX5500 Driver for Windows XP/2000. It says in the comments that it supports Vista so it will work.
    3. If it still doesn’t work or shows the same error when you install the downloaded driver (the error I am talking about is = “i have an epson stylus cx5500 with the installation disc but it wont install properly it comes up with an error” then please make a screenshot or write the error here.
    Hope this helped.

    • Fixing error: Cannot install printer.
      My HP 1020 laser printer would print from Word 2007, but Vista 64 would not recognize it or let me use it for many functions. I received a print spooler error message when trying to install it, but could not find where to fix the print spooler.
      Using that: Computer > Manage> Services and Applications > Services > then click on Print Spooler, and fiddle, fixed it.
      Changing the sprint spooler setting from Manual, to Automatic, seemed to instantly result in both that printer, and my all-in-one Epson Stylus CX5000 being now recognized too. Yeah! thank you so much.
      Bob Holland in Silver Spring MD 2/7/09

  3. installing a printer
    I have been trying and trying to install my Dell printer to my HP computer with Windows Vista. I followed your instructions. When I put the Dell driver disk in for the printer, the HP tells me that it’s not compatible. When I search for the printer that I have, it doesn’t come up. I don’t know what to do.

  4. response@installing printer
    I think the problem would be that your install CD is meant for a prior version of a Windows (eg: XP, Me). An easy fix would be to download the drivers from Dell.
    It would have helped if you had specified the product model. If you have J740 Color Printer then Windows Vista won’t work with your printer. All other (Dell) printers have Windows Vista support. To download your drivers: and choose “Select a different product” link. Now choose Printer option and select your model (you will find your model no.code on your printer). Choose Windows Vista and you will see the download now link. Download it and install.
    Hope this helped.

  5. I have the same error
    When clicking ‘Add Printer’ I get the Spooler not active message. After activating, I receive an Error 0x000006be message.

    I’ve tried various workarounds, but I’m losing my rag!

    I’m installing an HP F2128, all drivers installed. However, Vista won’t seem to install the driver. It won’t recognise the machine at all. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from the website but after running them, I’m simply told the I already have the latest drivers!

    It’s circles and roundabouts!

    I’m not a spaz when it comes to these things, I’ve been on the Microsoft help site and tried various things, but just can’t get any where. Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!

  6. Hope this is much more helpful
    Your main problem as I can explain it, can be the installment of an older driver (at first). This problem will now reappear, no matter if the current drivers you are using/installing are up-to-date. Thus, the operating system is still using a part of those previous “memories” even when installing something different related to that printer.

    i. Make a restore point. (
    ii. Have the vista cd with you in case you have problems and need to restore.

    delete driver..
    You will remove the printer drivers but the same idea aplies.
    2. Go to registry .. start up -> type in the search -> regedit-> click on the regedit (in the result list)
    3. Even if you backed up your system (creating the restore point) please be careful at this step. Click the Edit-Find->Type “Hewlett Packard”..or just “Hewlett”-> Delete the file found then press F3 or Edit->Find Next. Before deleting anything do look in the bottom of the (regedit) window and see the location of the file (Example ..I have other printers and the first find was in HKEY_CuRRENT_USERPrinterSettings.)
    4. Download the driver from the main site but do not install it yet.
    5. If you have a friend or somebody that can give you a USB printer it would be great. Plug the usb printer. Use a USB printer since they don’t create problems and are quickly installed by Windows Vista. The system will recognize the printer. Print a document (one or two pages).
    6. Unplug the USB printer and plug you own. Install the drivers needed/downloaded and see if it works.
    7. While doing this 1-6 unplug your printer and do not plug it until you get to step 7.

    more ways..
    A. If you already have an older restore point. Older then the first driver installment use it and then download and install the up-to-date drivers from the manufacturer site.

    B. You could install a fresh new Windows Vista. It’s easier and less time-consuming then the time spent searching for a solution.

    C. use another way (LPT or network) for printing.

  7. Fax won’t work on HP 2510 All-in-One Printer
    I finally got my HP PSC 2510 installed and it does everything – print, scan and copy – but the fax will not work. It will not send or receive. It worked fine with my old Compaq Presario laptop and XP, but not on my new HP Pavilion dv9000t laptop with Vista Home Premium. I was told before I ordered the new laptop that the 2510 would be compatible. Any ideas? Thanks!

  8. Printer will not print
    I have vista and I am not able to print from Quicken, The printer woks fine with all other programs. I have
    quicken 07 and a Gateway FX4710 – UB802A computer

  9. Cant install – driver not found
    I have been trying to install All-in-one printers, initially Epson stylusDX8450 and now LexmarkX3580. Both have the same problem with vista. It works fine with XP.
    I even downloaded the drivers from the website but didn’t work. It says unable to find the drivers and keeps searching all the time as long as the printer is connected to the computer.
    I dont have a vista recovery CD and Iam a bit scared if I might mess up the OS.
    Is there any solution for this problem.


  10. hp printer / scanner etc.
    my hp office jet all-in-one will not send scan to windows (E) mail ,it
    tries to send to outlook , which I dont have. ( outlook express)

    any way to change default to windows mail.

    thx in advance —Bob

  11. @Epson Stylus DX7400 printer
    1. First try to print something. Does it work? I recommend opening a pdf document and selecting file->print.
    If it doesn’t work. Make sure you plugged the printer in to the outlet and in the usb port. Now try again step 1.
    2. Take the printer cd driver, if you can’t find the cd installer download from here
    3. read the above article on how to use the cd installer/driver+has some advice in it.
    PS: Try to be more precise on your problem that way the problem gets fixed faster.

  12. Response
    It’s been a long time since i answered questions:
    @Fax won’t work on HP 2510 All-in-One Printer:
    1. Since you have Home premium I guess I should tell you that fax software isn’t included (Business and higher Windows Vista packages have this software).
    2. To see if your fax works download trial: trial version..also there are free email to fax programs that are free and don’t require fax).
    3. If your fax works (step 2) you can search here for a free solution: or use your preferred search engine and type fax software, email to fax and such.

    @Printer will not print
    1. Didn’t use Quicken but you should read in their forum cause they have some related problems.
    2. You could try to search for a program that can import data from quicken and use that program to print.
    3. Contact Quicken for more support on this(you payed for this’s included in the program you bought).
    4. If they’ll tell you this only has support for XP you can export data from Vista PC and take it to a friend that has XP PC or other OS.

    @Cant install – driver not found
    1. Back up your data and make restore point… There are tutorials on this site if you don’t know how.
    2. In case something breaks you use the Vista Cd (the one you used to install the program or a friend’s version..Note you won’t install Vista you will just insert it in, boot from it, select the repair link, select restore or other such options, wait a few minutes..depending on.. and you’ll get back to your previous setting). If you are scared then you can test this before doing what you want to do (aka the next steps).

    Stylus:Official site or
    Lexmark official package:

    Download but do not install them yet.
    Now use the above post of mine. It’s long so you can’t miss it: @Hope this is much more helpful.
    PS: without the A. , B. , C.

    @hp printer / scanner etc.
    Press the start button. The round thing in the bottom-right corner. Click on “Default Programs”. Use “Set your default programs and/or “Set program access and computer defaults” and change the email default.
    Don’t mention it —lorin

  13. Epson Stylus DX7400
    In the Printers Window appears this:
    Picture of Printer then Epson Stylus DX7400

    Does this mean that my printer is already installed ? When I try to test print by clicking on Print testpage, paper comes out blank. I am trying to copy Windows Vista Tutorials, exactly this page where I make now my comments. Must I extra press a key from my laptop to testprint ?

  14. Epson Stylus DX7400
    In the Printers Window appears this:
    Picture of Printer then Epson Stylus DX7400

    Does this mean that my printer is already installed ? When I try to test print by clicking on Print testpage, paper comes out blank. I am trying to copy Windows Vista Tutorials, exactly this page where I make now my comments. Must I extra press a key from my laptop to testprint ?

  15. Epson DX7400 — now I’m getting crazy
    Now in my Printers Window appears 2 pictures of the printer, both from Epson Stylus Dx7400, but one is Offline and one is Ready.

    Must I uninstall the one that is offline or must I just ignore it ? Before they were both on Ready (this afternoon when I looked in). How /why did it go offline ?

    Will still try your simple test. Thanks from a Neandertaler.

  16. in German
    Is there in German language ? i am having a hard time translating English computer words to German, like what a notepad in german , etc. (I am from Germany.)

    vielen Dank (thank you.) Auf wiederhören (hope to hear from you again).

  17. Epson Stylus DX7400
    In the “Haupteinstellung” of the printer, it says that my ink cartridges are empty. There it is written in a yellow box : Tinten kaufen (buy ink). But that cannot be because I was able to use DX7400 as a copier sucessfully. I used the ink cartridges that came with the printer when I bought it. Also, in the ink cartridges info, it says:

    Hersteller (manufacturer) Unbekannt (Unknown)
    Tintenart (ink type) Unbekannt
    Tintenpatronen code (ink cartridges code) Unbekannt
    Herstellung Datum (Date of Manufacture) Unbekannt

    Is is the reason why the printer doesn’t work ? What to do please ? Thank you very much.

  18. Epson Stylis Dx 7400 problem with installation
    For more feedback, go to Yahoo Answers. Search for: Epson Stylus DX 7400 problems. Then click on “Why is it such a bad product.” Contributor Vinapatt explains clearly how to go about with the problem of how to install this computer. He is an expert on Epson printers since he was a salesman for this company. Hope this helps all those who have this printer.

  19. Trying to install a Lexmark x1150 3in 1 printer
    Don’t know what else to do!! HELP!! The 3 in 1 worked great on Windows XP, but recently purchased a HP Pavillion dual core 2 with Vista . I have tried everything to get this thing to work. Went into Lexmark to try and load from that, tried the CD, this site Vista for beginners followed it to the max. I have broadband high speed it installed for 2 hours and kept installing. Would not stop, until I stopped it. Still don’t have my 3-1 working, Everything else I tried all I got were errors. this time, no errors it just wouldn’t quit installing. My patience has wore very thin. All the websites I have been on make it sound so easy. Yeah Right!!Lexmark makes it sound easy. Has anyone any solutions to how to get this printer to work? I have played with this thing for 2 weeks, I need a printer, I am about ready to get rid of this one and get a new one, maybe it will work.

  20. multiple printers at control panel/printer folder
    We have problems with HP photosmart c3100 printer connected locally to USB port. Vista home premium at acer aspire 700 computer recognises printer and installs driver automatically, but places a copy of the printer in the printer folder instead of replacing previous copies of the same printer. So every time you install the printer a new copy is created. The copies cannot be deleted. When you print you have to chhose the latest copy. Is this a bug in vista, and is there a workaround to make the printer work stable?

  21. printer not recognized
    Thank you for your easy to understand directions to making my Vista laptop recognize my USB printer. I followed the directions to add the driver needed and it works beautifully.

    Thank you again, J

  22. Helpful fixes
    @everybody. If your printer isn’t working after doing all that is humanly possible then you should try the support@your_printer_manufacturer. This is also available for other components.

    @pookiehontas. I didn’t find that post/article @YAnswers. I found the user but it was @Ytech. Although I do think you shouldn’t say bad things about something based on a ex-worker opinion but rather on your own. “the support was fast so it gets A” + “should test the printer text/image/etc to see if it’s worth the money you payed” = “your opinion, meaning the opinion that counts”. PS: No problem. I’m just glad you solved your problem.

    @Trying to install a Lexmark x1150 3in 1 printer
    what windows vista do you have currently installed?
    see_page_two@comments with subject: @Fax won’t work on HP 2510 All-in-One Printer. To use scan search sourceforge “sane”, “twain”, “flatbed”. You’ll find programs that are free to download&use. For fax already gave an advice at that comment. Also read other comments here. some might help you.
    However if your printer doesn’t print then you should ask for support from the manufacturer.

    @multiple printers at control panel/printer folder
    1. Go to the desired printer you want to have removed and right click->delete. It should work. For a more advance feature (if the delete feature doesn’t do the job): and unnistall the printer driver. Afterwards install the printer again (fresh install sounds good) and see if you encounter the problem again. However I would probably use step 2 and 3 (If it works why break it).
    2. NoWork@: You have the make default option. Play around with that cause that is your solution to your problem. Guess that also makes it a part of the problem (see above article@last two images for details). To make a printer default right click on printer -> “set as default”.
    3. Also, you only need to install your printer once the next time(s) it works without installment. Just plug the usb to your computer and it works.

  23. Missing HP Director with Vista
    I have a new computer and a previous HP 1350 All In One Printer. Printer working fine but have missing HP Director. How do I get it back? Help

  24. Lexmark X100
    I have did everything to get my Lexmark to work and from what I have read it won’t not with Vista.
    The driver on Lexmark site does not work.’I have been trying to get this printer to work for over two weeks I just gave up?
    Any suggestions?

  25. Printer connected to parallel port is not recognised
    I have the following printers Printronix P4280. P7000. I have connected them to the parallel port and my OS is windows Vista. Now my Printer connected to parallel port is not recognised by plug and play when I switch on the computer and also when I add manually and make it default printer it does not show the jobs pending .
    Please suggest matter urgent

  26. Epson Stylus Dx 7400
    I was able to install successfully the printer/machine. The printer works perfectly, however, the scanner will not scan. After I have clicked on , a small window appears and
    where the picture must appear is empty. I click on and the following message appears in a smaller box: Fehler beim Festlegen von Scannereigenschaften. Falls ein anderes Programm einen Scanvorgang ausführt, müssen Sie auf den Abschluss dieses Vorgang warten und es dann erneut versuchen.

    I have emailed Epson for some time now but I have got no reply. Perhaps you guys can help me. Thank you.

  27. Printer still doesn’t work
    Hi There,

    Thank you for your article, but it didn’t solve my problem. I now have two printers that I purchased on ebay (thinking that I was stealing laser printers), that still do not print from my laptop. I am on my second laptop (the other one crashed), so I thought that I would try to hook them up to it, but they still are not recognized. I tried everything – many hours of research with tech support, etc. The problem seems to be that the connection isn’t working. I am using ethernet, but a prior tech used a pass-through cable and a wireless router. Both printers cannot be bad. The tech said that one of them didn’t “ping.” What do I do:(


  28. HP deskjetD1520
    I have been trying to install the above mentioned printer. It is a plug and play printer.
    First, when initially plugged in, windows vista does not recognize there is a new piece of hardware.
    So I went through the process of printer installation, installing the appropriate drivers from the mfg disk, and the system still does not recognize the device.

    In “printers”, there is an icon for it, and it indicates it is ready; however, when printing a document, the print job sits there in the spooler and goes nowhere.

    Prior to installation, I disabled all windows and mcafee firewalls and protection.

    I am at a loss, do not understand why vista does not recognize this device.

    I have installed a wireless adapter and speakers…had no issues.


    Thank you,


    I have a windows vista laptop and a hp 2300 printer, I did what you said to do in order to install the printer, this worked alright and the printer is now installed, however when I try to test print the page, it wont print. What am I doing wrong ? help !

  30. Hope this helps
    1. Unplug and plug it again.
    2. download from the site the drivers you need.
    You also have updates on that page.
    3. read this article. Uninstall the driver for you printer and install from the downloaded package.
    5. Try to print, however when you give the printer order be sure you have selected the right printer.

    If it doesn’t work use the steps given @muhlgrad03, however download instead of the link given to @muhlgrad03.

    PS 1: the links given are not for Windows Vista 64 bit. For 64 bit, search on HP site.
    PS 2: If you have done the article and a few other steps, try to contact hp (or your printer manufacturer for more support).

  31. Various Spooler problems
    Before you change anything in the registry, make sure:

    1. Have an administrator access
    2. Open My Computer -> Windows -> System32 -> Spool -> PRINTERS, and delete all the files from there, if has.
    3. Restart print spooler (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

    My computer is an HP Pavilion 6248x PC with the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.

    My printer is an HP LaserJet 5 previously connected via a parallel cable to a PC using the Windows XP Home operating system. I have successfully (The Windows Printer Test Page prints properly, and the MSN Internet Explorer Print command functions.) connected the printer using a Belkin USB Parallel Printer Adapter cable.

    However, I cannot route an HP PCL print file to the printer when in the DOS mode using the DOS print command (“print file >PRN” or “print file >LPT1”). HELP!

    Any assistance received in helping me to solve my problem will be greatly appreciated.


  33. I recently purchased a HP
    I recently purchased a HP pavilion laptop with vista operating system. After trying to install my current HP all in one office jet pro 7780 printer using the cd that came with the printer I realized that it is meant for xp operating system. I have gone on to download the driver from hp for vista and have even followed your steps. When I get to the end, it tells me that the printer was successfully installed and asks if I want to print the test page to which I reply yes and ultimately continue to get an error message. CAN NOT print!
    Please note my printer model is ethernet and does not use a usb cord to connect to my computer, it prints wirelessly.
    Please help!

  34. Keep getting NOT RESPONDING
    Anything that I do in the printers folder results in “Not Responding”. If I add a printer, change settings, try to view the ports tab, install downloaded manufacturer’s drivers, ANYTHING…results in “Not Responding”.

    I have tried 2 printers, 1. Brother MFC-440CN, and 2. Lexmark P915. Both are USB printers. When I contact either manufacturer, they say that I have to contact the computer manufacturer. I call Acer, and they tell me that it is the printer manufacturer.

    All I need is for the darn thing to work! I have missed deadline after deadline, and they are getting tired of the “my printers are having issues” excuse. I need this fixed….like last month!

    Also, to make it more clear, the reason I have 2 printers is because when I have to print with brochure paper, it is too thick to make the U-turn inside the Brother printer, and results in the paper getting stuck. In that case I have to use the Lexmark, with the back, slide thru, paper feeder.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Vista Printer Help
    I have a brand new computer with Vista Ultimate on it and I cannot install the printer drivers. I am now on my 2nd printer-Epson Worforce 500 and it is doing the same thing the Kodak ESP-3 did and I took it back blaming the printer…Vista installs everything but the drivers from both the disc intall and the web install. I have my XP disc in hand and am ready to go back to XP! I have spent more hours trying to install a Vista compatible printer that my eyes are blood shot from reading web blogs….can someone please tell me what setting in Vista is wrong that I cannot install anything? I had the same problem when downloading and installing Noton Anti-Virus but they got me fixed up so that is working….On my own with the printers….

  36. HELP HP LASER 1010 Driver installation
    I digged out my old HP Laser 1010 – I have NO manuals or software for this printer.

    I followed your steps – downloaded driver from HP website. Then I couldn’t find port LPT (my port doesn’t look like your picture for LPT1). I used LPT1 – then HP LAser 1010 wasn’t on product list, so used model 1015. Got to test page but errors.

    PLEASE HELP and also can you help with my laser ‘ghpst’ printing? Thanks in advance

  37. @PM UK
    driver download page:

    manuals for printer:

    I believe you don’t have a lpt port. I think you have an usb port. The lpt port, as I have mentioned in the article is for older printers that actually have them.
    With that said, you need to plug the usb cable and if vista doesn’t recognize it you start installing the drivers required. In the window with the lpt port selected by me, select usb and not the lpt.

  38. printer
    i have followed the tips on this page for installing a printer. i have done the steps control panel, printer, add new printer. if i am lucky enough to get to the choose a port screen, there are no options to choose from on the drop down menu. other times i cant get past the add printer screen, im told add printer is not responding.

  39. I am able to install the
    I am able to install the drivers to canon mp500 and mp470. I am able to scan but can not print pictures or documents from my vista operated pc My cmputer recognizes that the printers are there. but i get ERROR HAS OCCURRED when trying to print things directly. Any ideas how to help me?
    DELL STUDIO pc vista 32

  40. Lexmark X75, Lexmark 4300, Lexmark X1100
    I have tried every detail mentioned in your comment but it keeps coming back installation unsuccessful.
    It’s name X75 does not come up, so I click on have disc and that is as far as it goes. It won’t accept anything within browse.
    I also have a Lexmark 4300 series and the lexmark X1100 series and encounter the same problems

  41. Lexmark printer driver to work on Dell Inspiron 1720 using Vista
    Lexmark do not supply drivers for Vista OS. The E210 printer connects with USB. Can you advise on how I might overcome this problem?

  42. Printer problems
    I have a gate way m2410u computer vista program. I tried to install a hp and a kodak printer no luck. The printer works on other computers but no with this one. I reinstalled printers, all new drivers, completely restore the computer and operating system. It tells me it is dissconnected.

  43. still wont work
    I have followed the steps to install a printer, and when i go to print the test page, it will not work. Then when i go to look at the control panel, it says “error” under the picture of the printer. I have done this process a few times, and it still is not working. help? /:

  44. Can’t get my Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 to print using VISTA

    I can’t get my Canon LASER SHOT LBP-1120 to print using VISTA — it worked before using XP and my old computer … but … now I have tried downloading the driver and adding from the ADD PRINTER on control panel (but it doesn’t give the exact number on the picklist). ITs a USB printer … so I’m a bit puzzled as to why it doesn’t just install???

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  45. HP 3600n and Vista
    I have downloaded the driver for Vista from HP’s site because the disk I have is only for XP. Even though it says it is installed, it still will not print and the print queue just says Error. Please help – I need this printer urgently. Thank you.

  46. Lexmark X2480
    I’m trying to install a Lexmark X2480, which I had running on XP a while back. Now trying to install it on Vista, (using a Dell Inspiron) and its just not possible. The installation disk isn’t compatible, so I’ve just downloaded the new driver software but the same problem persists. I’m a student so a printer is vital for me and I don’t have funds to replace it. Is this model simply incompatible with Vista or am I just completely computer illeterate?

  47. scanner doesn’t work
    i have an epson stylus cx5500…i lost the cd with it so i downloaded from the net. Now it prints but it doesn’t scan….i tried downloading epson scan but still not working…i use win xp professional..please help…thanks


  48. Acess Denied
    I have windows vista on a Philips Freevents computer system and I am desperately trying to install my nice new Lexmark S605 all in one printer. I have installed the software on the disk provided and I have gone through trying to add the printer. My computer says that it is adding and then at the very end just comes up with access denied. Im at my wits end as I have been looking at this for days now. Please can you help!!!!!

  49. I used to consider installing
    I used to consider installing printer would be an easy issue, just following the instrucion. but now i know it’s not the same as I thought.

  50. Laptop Slow to Boot with Printer Installed
    I use Windows Vista and have just installed my new HP LaserJer P1102w printer. The new hardware works fine, but despite installing a Microsoft XPS Document Writer as suggested by HP my laptop still takes longer to boot up than it did pre-printer. Without the Document Writer it was threatening to not boot up at all.
    Will any laptop take longer to boot if a printer is installed please? Do excuse my ignorance!

  51. Hp Deskjet 2050
    I can’t install the drivers needed for Hp Deskjet 2050 printer. I’m using Window Vista 64bit. I downloaded the drivers but every time I try to install them I get a error message saying they couldn’t install? Please help!

  52. Add a USB printer
    Click the Start –> Control panel —> Printers. Printer window will open up.

    1. Click Add a printer.

    2. Click Add a local printer.

    3. Select the Use an existing port check box.

    4. In the Use an existing port drop-down list, select USB001 and then click Next.

    5. Under Manufacturer on the Install the printer driver dialog box, select HP . (You need to select your printer Manufacturer)

    6. Under Printers, select HP DeskJet 990c and then click Next. (You need to select your printer Model or generic print driver model you want to use)

    Go through the rest of the options.

  53. cannot install printers on vista
    Installation of my Canon iP2702 fails every time after ‘searching preconfigured driver folders’, eventually timing out. I cannot install it from disc, by downloading the latest driver, by adding a printer, or any other method. I have tried every suggestion I have found online, like deleting from registry, restarting spooler etc etc. I have tried a new printer of the same model, a different model and new lead, to no avail. The printer installs fine on another pc. Also, my original printer used to work then stopped, which is when I first encountered all these problems. I am loathe to re-format/re-install Vista due to the inevitable grief that will cause me, but it seems to be the only method left! Can anybody shed any light on this? I have noticed other users having the same problem with other hardware, but not yet seen a solution.

    • vista is obstinate
      Yep, I have been on chat and two kodak experts took remote control of my vista and they could not get some of the drivers installed;
      the Kodak software is installed but the drivers, NOT.
      It seems as though I cannot get network to recognize the printer; that is one problem.
      The other is that the drivers refuse to install. And Kodak 6150 aoi is not listed in the directory
      and refuses to be listed.
      It has something to do with a setting in the windows vista but where? And what?
      Network share or something.

  54. Cannot print from Brother MFC-J625DW
    I cannot set the printer as default and also I cannot print from Microsoft Excel or Arcobat Reader , pdf files but I can print from Microsoft word. Using Windows 7,. Please help.

  55. Canon
    I cant make Canon MF4570dn working with Vista 32bit. It does work with Windows 7 though. I tried to add a new port and so but cant make it work. any suggestions???

    • Maybe i am too late with
      Maybe i am too late with answer, but you can try some other Canon drivers to install. I have a HP Photosmart 7345 and printer doesn’t work under this driver on Vista. Instead of installing it’s driver i installed for HP Deskjet 5550…so, totally different driver, and it works. You should look up on web which driver could fits to yours Canon. Good luck

  56. Epson software will not install
    There is no driver for Epson WF-2540. It is embedded in the installation software and there is no INF file. After hours on Epson phone support and 3 levels of techs, they say there is something in windows that stops the install software from installing the drivers and skips that part of the installation. We checked every idea above. This happened with my previous HP which would not print after I installed several updates back in march. (p.s. one of the updates “Security Update for Windows Vista for x64-based Systems (KB2807986) still will not install) so I bought this new wireless Epson. Some of the modules were installed. Fax utility and the scan utility which failed but I downloaded that module and installed fine. The printer shows up on my router and in device manager under “other devices” with a yellow ?. When I tried to install with USB, ” new hardware found” appears instead of the software recognizing it. I fear that if I can’t resolve the Vista problem I will no longer be able to install a USB printer.

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