How to burn an Audio CD

This is the third and final tutorial of the audio CD series. In this tutorial we will show you how to burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player 11. As you will see, burning audio CD’s in Windows Vista is a very quick and simple task.

If you want to burn your music to a CD, first you should enter a blank CD in your CD/DVD-RW drive. After a short while, Windows Vista will launch the “AutoPlay” window. Select “Burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player” and wait for Windows Media Player to launch.


Now, you have to select the music you want to burn on the CD. On the left side of the Windows Media Player window, click on “Library”. You will see a list of “Primary Views”. Now you can click on the “Artist” button and select songs played by a specific artist or you can click on the “Album” button to burn songs from a specific album and so on.


If you want to add all songs of a certain artist then select the artist, right click on him and then select “Add to Burn List”. Also, you can drag and drop any song, album, etc to the burn list from the right side of the Windows Media Player window.


The size of audio CD’s is not measured in megabytes. It is measured in minutes of played music. Every time you add a track to your audio CD, Windows Media Player will calculate the remaining time. Under the disc on the right side of the screen you will notice a small blue bar that is filling up with each new song you add to the disc. You can add tracks until that bar gets filled.

When you have finished adding songs to your disc, click on the “Start Burn” button from the lower right corner of Media Player. The burning process will start and when it is finished the CD will automatically be ejected from the CD/DVD-RW drive.

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28 thoughts on “How to burn an Audio CD”

  1. No Gaps in Music?
    I have burned a CD and it has the two second gap between songs. What do I need to do to have no gaps between songs as there are albums that should have no gaps? Thanks for your response.

  2. not possible with WMP
    I looked through the burning options of WMP but I didn’t find anything. You could try to use Nero for burning CD’s. Nero has the “remove pause between track” option.

  3. Poor cd playback?
    I have tried several times to burn a cd using wmp 11 on Vista. The playback on my stereo is terrible each time, there are pauses, jumps, and skips through every song. I have tried changing the settings on wmp with no success. Should I be using a specific brand of CD? This never mattered before when I had wmp 10 on XP.

    • Try slowing down the burning
      Try slowing down the burning speed considerably. Another trick I use is to let wmp ‘rest’ before actual burning. ( I go make a cup of coffee then set it to burn then go hav the coffee. ~ No other programs running at the time and processes shut down as much as possible is always required for windows to burn anything properly.) In other words, do nothing while the burning process is going on.)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve used Sony, Dynex, and Maxell brand CD’s already. They are all equally bad when I try to play the cd’s in my cd player. I have the speed set to the lowest possible speed, it takes nearly 30 minutes to burn one cd, LOL. If I try to burn them any faster than that, the cd’s won’t play at all. I don’t understand what the problem could be. Is there a different program I might download and use instead that would be better?

  5. WMP 11
    I followed the instructions for an AUDIO CD and got a DATA CD instead.

    This version of WMP sucks, no doubt about it.

    All automatic, I hate when software thinks for me, then does it wrong!!!

    I’m just going to assume microslut messed it up on purpose in order to help other vendors sell burning software.

    I’m not pleased with WMP-11 at all.

    I’ll try the free version mentioned above, and maybe I can uninstall 11 and reinstall 10, but my hunch is, this big brother type software won’t “allow” me to do that. And either the free one mentioned will work or I’ll find a suitable one that will, I have no hope for 11 at all for now.

  6. Hi There,
    I have a several

    Hi There,

    I have a several CD coasters now. I have tried and failed burning music CDs on WMP 11 via Vista. It burns completed but the audio CDs cannot play at all – on anything. It burns erroneous CDs… very frustrating.

    Any ideas? Codecs?

    Thanking you kindly in advance!

  7. Vista CD burn
    well once you have done all the easy stuff you describe above, take it to your car and tryto play it there. Your easy burn was not that easy. It won’t work. Check the file size that you burned, 44 bytes. The file does not actually burn to the CD like it did with XP.

  8. CD’s don’t play in my car
    I have tried to burn cd’s using wmp but none of the cd’s will work in my car. I have tried many different combination on the options and everything. I can’t find anything that works.

  9. burning music cds
    I have been trying to burn music cds…. They will play in my media player on my computer but WILL NOT play in a regular cd player…..

    I talked with my computer sales person and he said to try in NTI program…. Well I tried that last night and I could not seem to do ANYTHING with that program…..

  10. cd album art and info
    I just want to ad the album art and artist information when i burn the cd, can that be done?
    The album art is not on line because it is my bands cd and our art.
    Its on the media player but will not burn to the disk.


  11. cds and mp3 burning
    i have tried to burn audio cds in wmp on vista and it does not work it burns an data cd and cannot play in my car or hifi. i too have wasted so many cds!!!!!!! on my old pc with win98 it allowed me to burn audio and mp3 cds with folders for albums. now i cannot do any of this in vista, looks like i’ll be still using my old pc. is there any quick easy solution to this problem??

  12. Windows media 11
    Everytime I try and copy to an audio cd Windows media 11 goes through and prepares all the tracks but then then the CD is finalised after only a few tracks have been written to CD and a message telling me to use a slower run speed appears.

    I have set the run speeds as low as I am able but it makes no difference.
    Is the real answer got something to do with the amount of free space on the hard drive and if so is there anther CD burner that uses less than windows

  13. I just got my computer and it
    I just got my computer and it is windows Vista 8. I am having no luck wih burning cd’s in WMP. I can’t figure the darn thing out. It wont even recongnize that a blank cd is in drive e. It keeps telling me to put in a disc. I hate it so far!!

  14. I want no gaps
    between songs–WMP is useless for burning albums by artists such as Pink Floyd. Record companies go on and on about piracy, yet you buy the album, download it, burn it, drop it in your player and it’s not like the original, not anything like the artist intended (if it even plays!) and not what you PAID FOR. You have to spend your time–more money–searching for a burner that will work and that doesn’t cost you even more money. Who are the pirates in this case? It’s not the consumers! And here at this site, we discover on our search, we have the best MS can offer–the crippled WMP.

  15. Connecting a Burner
    I have burned CD’s on my computer regularly in the past, but now when I try to burn a CD, a message appears in Windows Media Player telling me to connect a burner and restart the player.
    I am at a complete loss!
    Could someone please tell me what i Should do?

  16. Burning a CD with Album Art and Album Name
    How can I burn a CD that keeps the Album Art and Album Name? Windows Media Player, iTunes, Zune? I don’t care which one, I just want to know how.

  17. Check it out, before you throw it out.
    I burned an audio CD using Windows Media Player. Burned the files as WMA files, which should play in most devices. I put it back in the drive and it played about 10 seconds, and started getting error messages. I burned another, and got the same results. BUT, I then took the first one out to my car, AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY, and has ever since. Don’t ask me why! But this whole thing to me says it may be a problem with READING the file the WMP created, NOT the manner it was created.

  18. Audio CDs
    Burning proper audio CDs with Window was quite straightforward until the last couple of weeks. Now I find it has changed and will not work anymore. It will burn data CDs but not audio CDs anymore. I assume this is to protect agains pirate CD copying, but where does this leave musicains like myself who have hours and hours of privately recorded Jazz sessions and home recordings on their computers, who want ot provide copies to friends and other musicians for reference and other purposes unrelated to commercial activity. I’ve tried Nero but they are the same.

    Does anyone know a good downloadable Audio CD burner which burns to computer-friendly discs? I have a stand-alone CD burner but it takes time and special CD-Rs which are much more expensive than the usual discs.

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