Enable the “Copy To Folder” and “Move To Folder” options in your right click menu

Like most computer professionals, I always try to find tweaks that improve the speed of my system or, at least, some usability aspects. In Windows XP, one of my favorite tweaks is one that enables the “Copy To Folder” and “Move To Folder” options in the right click menu. After using Windows Vista for a few weeks I tried this “trick” and I was glad to see that it still working.

Enabling these two options requires some changes in the Windows Registry. Working with the Windows Registry is rather complicated so we tried to simplify things as much as possible. All you need to do is download the attached archive, extract it and follow the procedure described below:

First, download the attached archive file. After you extract it, you will see two files: enable_move_to.reg and enable_copy_to.reg.

We provided two separate files so that you can enable only one option, in case you don’t need both. When you run a “.reg” file, an UAC prompt will ask your permission to Continue.

Then, the Registry Editor will ask your permission to continue.

Once you press the Yes button, the necessary settings will be added and the Copy & Move To option will appear in the right click menu.

Note: You need to have administrative rights in order to enable these two options.

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26 thoughts on “Enable the “Copy To Folder” and “Move To Folder” options in your right click menu”

  1. Both files are the same
    Great tip. I gave it a try and only got the “Move To” option. I opened both files in notepad and they are the same.They should be
    {C2FBB630-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}] for Copy To
    {C2FBB631-2971-11D1-A18C-00C04FD75D13}] for Move To

  2. Move to Folder
    THANK YOU I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to do this and to copy files. I am a novice and just had to buy a new computer and of course Vista is already loaded. There is nothing where it use to be and it doesn’t work like XP very confusing.

  3. move to folder
    thanks, i’ve been looking for this little tweak ever since I installed vista, its a great item to use and comes in handy so many times. Both files are there and both installed first time , no problems thanks again.

  4. merge
    thank you for this tip, my question is what dose Merge mean? and should i press it in order to get the copy to or move to functions?
    and pls, how can i add more codwcs to my WMP 11 (Vista)?

    • copy/move to
      Thanks – this was really bugging me with Vista – dragging files on to vague folders and then watching a large copy go to the wrong destination or worse a new nested folder was irritating – my wife will tell you. Such a simple fix – so why is it not supplied as standard ? Bill gates you need therapy.

  5. awesome
    This tweak never even occurred to me but it was annoying not having quick access to those options like you do with Cut and Paste (which I hate). Excellent tweak, makes things so much easier now.

  6. Vista move to, copy to
    This little program worked perfectly. I frankly do not know why the powers to be did not include it as an option in Vista and it should be made as an “update” for all to have without having to virtually stumble on to this chat room note.

  7. thanks for the very useful
    thanks for the very useful tweak. also another thing which is baffling me is that i can not seem to find the “up” arrow in vista. in xp in windows explorer, there is a up arrow button to go one step back. is it missing in vista?

  8. File and Folder tasks: Surviving with Vista mistakes
    Even though the Vista operating system SHOULD have the File and Folder tasks pane/navigation bar available for perfoming various folder and everyday tasks LIKE XP DOES, I have found a small minor replacement to make up slightly for this bad decision by Microsoft’s Vista designers. It goes as follows:

    Tip-Windows Help and Support:
    If you press and hold the right mouse button while dragging, a menu appears that lets you choose a specific action, such as copying or moving.

    Dragging files
    When you drag a file
    This is what happens

    Into a folder on same hard disk: Into a folder on a different hard disk:

    The file is moved to the destination folder. The file is copied to the folder on the destination disk.
    Into the Navigation pane (left pane) of a folder Nothing. You can’t add files to the Navigation pane.

    Dragging folders
    When you drag a folder
    This is what happens

    Into a folder on same hard disk: Into a folder on a different hard disk:

    The folder is moved to the destination folder. The folder is copied to the folder on the destination disk.

    Into the Navigation pane of a folder A link to the folder is added to the Navigation pane, and the link
    is then available from the Navigation pane of every folder.

  9. Thank you!
    This is fabulous! Thank you SO much for the archived file! What a real timesaver! Just what I wanted! Any idea how to get the Vista folders to show Pane preview like XP? I like to see 4 squares of folder contents on the OUTSIDE of the folder, not within. With Vista folders, I can see a sliver of the contents, and I dislike it. I use graphics and it is hard to see the folder contents now.

  10. copy and move to
    My last laptop had these options alreaady available when i got, so when i purchased my newest laptop and discovered that not all come with the feature i was highly upset. I use both copt to and move to pretty much on a daily basis and having them once again is a blessing. Thanks for providing us with this extremely simple fix.

    Although this is the standard thing, in my XP install when I choose, for instance, “right-click: open” on a folder then both copy to and move to, each in turn, pop up beore I am taken to the folder selection. I had to remove the feature… wish I new how to fix this.

  12. Ciprian
    Dude, you are so smart, you come up with the coolest tweaks, tutorials, and everything. I’m old and not very well but you sure make me feel better.This copy and move tweak is great! I use this in Windows all the time and now I don’t even need go to edit on the menu bar to perform these functions. You’re a real gem for this world.

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