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seriously messed up my vista settings... pls help!!

hi all,
I bought a notebook 2.5 years back and it was running perfectly smoothly till a week ago when I installed avira antivirus software on my notebook and it detected 263 threats!! I got a Norton antivirus program pre-installed on my notebook and it wasn't updated so it hadn't detected the viruses that Avira picked... in an attempt to safeguard my 80 GB worth of data I messed up my Vista "Edit Permissions" settings that are available on the File or Folder Properties>Security tab. I later read on help and support that Microsoft does NOT recommend setting up file permissions bcoz it can result in unexpected errors and access problems! but now I've already messed those up plus my virus problem too is still not solved becoz it seems that Avira antivirus program deleted the entire infected file and not just the virus within it.... so I haven't deleted any of the infected files yet. Now I have 4 main problems.... (1) viruses (2) messed up file permission settings (3) system restore stops responding after initializing (4) the CHECK DISK feature to detect bad sectors etc does not work. Pls help?? I don't want to lose my 80 GB worth of data. I'm a student and right now I don't hav any way to create backup of so much data other than buying an external harddisk which I cant afford right now. Also, pls sumbody tell me whether using SYSTEM RECOVERY for an HP notebook with Windows Vista Home installed will erase all the data on my NON-BOOT PARTITIONS?? I've partitioned my harddisk and saved the data on the other partition, not on the boot partition. pls reply...


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