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I would also like to throw

I would also like to throw in my two cents and say I hate, hate, HATE anything that doesn't give me feedback. At the very least, you need to indicate that _something_ is being done. This is an inconvenience when the defragger is working properly, and infuriating when it doesn't. For the record, mine has never worked. No matter how I approach it, I just can't get it to do the job it was designed for. I've had the window disappear on me, the DOS command return having accomplished nothing, and the program start up successfully and attempt to defrag only to come back 30 seconds later with the same message that, "[my] file system performance can be improved." Fantastic. When the Vista team figures out exactly how the XP team accomplished that, roll out a patch. In the mean time, I'll keep trying to debug the problem blind.


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