Error #268D3

The Error #268D3 is not specifically a virus. However, it is a browser hijacker. While many believe the popup error is a virus itself, it is actually scareware or ransomware to make you believe you have a virus. The scam company then hijacks or holds your browser/computer hostage and/or downloads malicious software on your machine, requiring you to remove it (or call them to remove it).

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Common causes of Error #268D3 errors

In most cases, these are fabricated errors to scare users into thinking they have a virus or error. The company or scammer creates a type of error, a pop-up window, and often hijacks or holds your computer/system hostage by telling you a critical error has infected your computer.

These errors typically cause the following problems:

  • A pop-up message, website page, or window shows on your screen, often locking your ability to take any action on your computer.
  • Sounds or other alerts are used to scare you into thinking you have a critical virus or issue with your computer or laptop.
  • A phone number or contact page is shown that tells you to contact them to fix your critical error.
Regardless of the cause, determining the best solution should be the first action step when noticing any system-related computer errors.

Is Error #268D3 a dangerous file (virus, malware, spyware)?

In almost every case with these types of errors, they are fake error messages used to scare you. However, these errors do also install software, often in the form of adware or spyware on your machine. When that happens, they can be very difficult to detect and remove, but using a comprehensive system scan usually detects them and allows you to safely remove them.

Should I stop the Error #268D3 task or process within the Task Manager?

Unless you have experience managing the processes and tasks on your machine, it is best to allow a system scanner or registry scanner to handle those tasks. Many of the tasks are required for performing specific operations on your machine and removing them may cause your program or entire computer to malfunction or reboot.
WARNING: If your system has been locked due to a malicious download,
Click Here to run a system scan immediately!

How to remove and fix Error #268D3 errors

When these errors occur, verify if any new hardware or software has been added. If so, simply removing the new hardware or software may resolve the issue. If not, follow the steps below.

  1. Reboot your computer in Safe Mode.
  2. Show hidden files and folders on your system.
  3. Modify your 'hosts' file to remove external IP addresses.
  4. Clean browser shortcuts, add-ons, and extensions.
  5. Delete malicious or unknown system processes. Be careful, only do this if you know exactly what you're doing.
  6. Remove malicious registry entries.
If the above steps fail to fix your issue, please let us know.

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