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Please, just read the 2nd post of this thread! Or do this.

For all of you having problems migrating 2003 to 2007--please just read and do the 2nd post in this thread by Gordon Burgess-Parker. It works. This is the method I used before I stumbled upon this thread. Everything transferred over. All Outlook is looking for is the PST file. Just copy your old PST to your new directory for Outlook 2007 and open it. That's all!

If you want to know where to copy your old PST file, go to Tools, Account Settings, click on the Data Files tab, and there is the directory. On Vista, it is probably C:\Users\***user ID***\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. Your PST file contains everything--email, calendar, contacts, notes, etc.

If you've already received mail or added contacts, etc. to Outlook 2007 before you did this, make sure Outlook 2007 is closed, navigate to the above folder with the PST file, rename it to something like "OutlookOLD.pst," copy your Outlook 2003 file to this directory, open Outlook 2007, then import the renamed file. It will add your new emails, etc.

Now if I can just find out how to work with these stupid new color categories I'll be happy.



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