Change Owner v1.0

These days we managed to develop another small tool for Windows Vista users. As you can tell from its name, this tool allows you to change the registered owner and organization for your Windows Vista installation. You don’t have to edit any registry keys. Just download our tool, run it, type the desired owner and organization name and press the Change button.

When you start it, Change Owner automatically loads the current registered owner and organization. To modify them just type the new values and press the Change button.

Change Owner v1.0

Just like CSRF v1.0, Change Owner v1.0 is distributed using a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

This tool is offered “as is” with no warranties. Change Owner v1.0 was designed and tested on Windows Vista and on our systems it worked with no problems. Also, it should work on systems with Windows XP and .NET Framework 2.0 installed. If you discover any bugs please feel free to report them to us.

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17 thoughts on “Change Owner v1.0”

  1. thank you so much
    my computer shop set up my new Vista with my “real” name as user UGH!
    I’m eternally grateful to the person who developed this tool that’s let me reclaim my true identity 🙂

  2. Thanx
    i heard that vista have some bugs, but still i thought it will be nice stuff… your website is really useful, thanx for everything(and for this little tool alsobecause i was trying to change it for 4 hours… 😉

  3. Thanks a million! I to had
    Thanks a million! I to had the same problem as jb5quid and also spent hours on this. Even going thru the registry! Will it change C:userblahblah on reboot? I have been trying to change this too. Also trying to map it to another hard drive? I moved all the folders but C:userblahblah keeps making new ones?

    • Unfortunately it won’t
      Unfortunately it won’t change the C:usersusername folder. That will remain the way it was. All you can do is to move the My Documents, My Music, My Pictures and Downloads folders to other locations.

  4. How can you get it to change
    How can you get it to change from “owner” to the name you want in Task Manager?? I’ve changed it using the regedit option and this download. It still says “owner” under processes.

  5. chowner program
    This is not working, I use cygwin and I would like to change the
    ownership of many files.
    The command I am trying to do is CHOWN, but with Vista
    it is impossible to work with a unix like environnement because
    all the executable files are blocked, Vista is a real bad thing.

    How is your program is supposed to work anyway ? I could not change anything
    with it, not a directory not a file, nothing.
    Simon Plouffe

  6. i tried but this program
    i tried but this program didn’t work. the window “attempted to perform an unauthorized operation” keeps popping up.

    i’m using an adminstrative account.

  7. Change owner
    Dear sir or madam,

    I have exactly the same problem but with Windows 7 Home Edition. Is there also a tool like the one for Vista that may be easily applied?

    Kind regards

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