Aswcmnos.dll is a file operated by Antivirus HW dependent library, which is produced by Avast or ALWIL Software. This specific data or process file is a vital link library of the Avast Antivirus program. Error messages for this file may display on screen while installing or using a certain program, or when Windows starts up or shuts down.

Aswcmnos.dll is not a system process, which means that it came from software that was installed on the computer system by the computer owner. The software would have been Avast, since that is who created it. Since the integrity of the registry is vital for a working computer, it is suggested to scan your registry and make sure it is working properly.

aswcmnos.dllFile name: Aswcmnos.dll
File description: Antivirus HW dependent library
Product name: Avast! Antivirus
Product vendor: AVAST Software
Rating: 4 stars based on 27 votes
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