Where is the Run button?

If you take a quick look at the new Windows Vista Start Menu you will notice that the “Run” button has disappeared.

Where did the Run button go?

It was moved to Start Menu -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Run.


Also, you can use the Start Search to type your command and then press Enter – it will work just like the old Run.

Another way to access it is to use the Windows key + R.

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7 thoughts on “Where is the Run button?”

  1. Two more ways to get Run:
    Two more ways to get Run: one is to hold the window button (like shift) and press R.

    The other is to right-click the start button, click “Properties”, click “Customize…”, and check “Run command”. Then Run will show up on the start menu at its old place.

    click start menu, type what you want (eg. msconfig, regedit, dxdiag…) then press enter. Your text will be in the Search Menu (the “start search” letters should get replaced by the things you just typed in). This will act as run.

    • It was mentioned
      This was already mentioned at the end of the article:

      “Also, you can use the Start Search box and type your command – it will work just like the old Run.”

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