Add/Remove Programs – nowhere to be found?

Don’t worry – we had the same problem when we launched Windows Vista for the first time. Add/Remove Programs is not missing – it was just renamed for some reason to Programs and Features and it is very easy to find, like always.

First, go to Control Panel. If you don’t you use the Classic View you will see a section called Programs and beneath it there is the Uninstall a program option. Click on it and you arrived to the right place.

Windows Vista Control Panel

If you are using the Classic View, you will find Programs and Features in the list of items that start with the letter “P”.

Windows Vista Control Panel

Another option would be to type “add remove” in the search box and Windows Vista will return the shortcut to Programs and Features.

Windows Vista Control Panel

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14 thoughts on “Add/Remove Programs – nowhere to be found?”

  1. Add/remove programs
    Hi there!

    I just bought an HP computer that has Windows vista on it and am trying to uninstall the programs that are on the desk top like AOL free trial, etc but they arent listed in the uninstall or change a program. I did a “search” for AOL and it says it should be listed in the programs and features but isnt… Thanks! Summer

    • Hmm…
      In case you see only shortcuts on your desktop to AOL trials, just delete them. Otherwise, if they installed programs that annoy you, maybe you can find an uninstall shortcut in the start menu folders of those AOL applications.

      If this doesn’t help then contact HP.

  2. Anyone else having major
    Anyone else having major problems with the HP Pavillion a6234x computer shutting down and rebooting and getting stuck and you can’t turn it off?

    Anybody know how to fix it/?

  3. Programme and features
    I can’t double click on the programe and features icon. If i right click it & click on “open” it still doesn’t open the file..
    If i open the control panel and tye “add remove” in the search box it doesn’t recognise the programme.
    I need to remove some files please can you tell me what i should do..
    Thank you..

  4. hp user guide 0097
    I want to upgrade windows vista to windows 7. Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says to uninstall HP User Guide 0097 but I can’t find it. It’s not in Programs and Features. How can I find it? Thanks

  5. Finding accidental uninstall list of today
    Is there anyway I can find a list of deletions in my uninstall for today? I accidently took out a file I need back. How can I find it to get it back? Or can I? Thanks

  6. Uninstalling a program not listed
    Hello!I was hoping for some help. See, I was trying to uninstall a buggy program however it would not allow it. Then, it asked if I wanted to remove the name from the program and features list. Like an idiot I did and now I can’t find any way to delete it. Can you help?

  7. Add remove software
    I think I have deleted the whole add /remove software programme cause when I try to remove software I go to control panel then to add remove software and I get a message saying
    C:windowssystem 32 rundll 32 exe cannot be found
    Now I need to delete stuff cause it’s an oldish lap top and memory is full so am snookered

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