The file, threed20.ocx, is associated with the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) control file system. It was created to be a support system for Microsoft Windows operating systems for complex documents that include many types of information like text, images, graphics, sound, and video. If a system file begins to run, it might require the threed20.ocx file to identify particular features.

threed20.ocxFilename: Threed20.ocx
Product: ActiveThreed
Company: Sheridan Software Systems, Inc.
Description: ActiveThreed Controls
Rating: 4 stars based on 21 votes
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How do I register the threed20.ocx file manually?

Registering the threed20.ocx file with Microsoft is necessary for the smooth operation of your system.

Follow these basic steps to register your threed20.ocx file:

  1. Go to Start > Run or Start > Search
  2. Type ‘cmd’ in Run/Search box. Be sure to enter ‘command prompt’ as an administrator.
  3. Type ‘regsvr32 threed20.ocx’ and hit Enter. (NOTE: To de-register the file, type ‘regsvr32 /u threed20.ocx’ instead)
  4. Following confirmation that the file has been registered, reboot your computer.

Those basic steps should allow you to properly register or unregister any .ocx file on your system.