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Totally agree about too many flavors. As I see it, there should be only one, and it should come with all available options. Let us tell Windows during setup what type of environment it will be used in and what Windows applications will be needed. A true "Custom Install".

As for pricing, I think it's time that Microsoft gave something back to the world that made them wealthy beyond belief. Charge a nominal fee for the new OS, maybe something like $30 for an upgrade and $50 for a full version. If you make a good product and price it reasonably, then people will use it with a feeling of confidence in your company and its products. Many Windows users do NOT have that feeling right now.

For someone that had never used a PC before, Vista's UI wasn't that daunting. For the millions of us that have used it for many years, though, it was a nightmare. While I, for one, was delighted to see the Device Manager finally get its own Control Panel entry, I was appalled that Add or Remove Programs, a Windows stalwart, was renamed to Programs and Features, for no apparent reason. Please, Microsoft, put that back! UI changes like that for the sake of change are one of the things that drive many of us absolutely nuts.

And finally, and this doesn't necessarily apply to just Vista and Windows 7, please understand that a significant number of Windows users do not want to use Internet Explorer. Ever. Period. It seems to me that requiring its use to update the OS is a clear antitrust violation. Please allow us to use non-IE browsers for Windows Update, or better still, make it its own program again, not just a browser plugin for IE only.


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