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MRT.exe in a weird folder location?

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me here.
I am running Windows Vista Home Premium
Service Pack2 on a 64bit OS

My MRT.exe file is located in a folder titled 19a09944c6a71dc4d58e
when i first click on my harddrive c:

MRT.exe is the only file in the folder and i thought it was really weird,
should it be in a program files folder or something that seems like the right place for it why is it in its particular location? There is a folder with a similar weird letter/number combination below that^ folder but there is nothing in it.

I am worried that it may be malicious software like a virus or something.
I have a premium security suite and all my windows update installed so I feel i am secure to some extent(as much as i can be for a windows OS lol).

Can someone please help me or share your thoughts it will be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much!


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