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I am beginning to like the new op sys Windows 10. But Microsoft has no answer for anything asked regarding the playing and/or recording of DVDs or any replacement for Windows Live Essentials! Ridiculous! How can such a great company with technology way above what most of us older folks could even imagine not have a new replacement! Photo Gallery coupled with Movie Maker was very useful in the creation of slide shows with music, but now these do not seem to work! Driver Update is a sham even though they claim to be "a Partnership Corporation" with Microsoft! Codecs are like finding the golden needles in a ton of golden bails of hay! I am a disabled 58 year old who used these marvels of science to at least be active with my brain; it's my heart that won't allow me to work, not my brain! I ordered a book that might be able to clarify some of the issues current with windows 10 and useful guides to media resources, I hope! At least with analog, you didn't have to deal with "The Next Big Thing" every few years or so! Unless there is a way to find useful media both in audio and video that can work perfectly with these digital oriented networks and what is created or is at least could have the potential to work with a little effort on the user's behalf, then there would be no sense in just using these great inventions to talk to my baby with skype even though she is only a few miles away!!! The new deal will prove a waste of my sweet time, money, and creative talents that were very much able to innovate when Windows Live Essentials worked perfectly! If the elite intellects at the top of the tower cannot at least make accessible and useful media capable programs equal to or even better than those mentioned above, then a new rod and reel and a new boat and a day at the lake with my baby may make for a much better use of my precious time! Anyone with relieving suggestions will be welcome. Thank you! McDs Place


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