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Woo, got my volume checkbox back!

"Control Panel--> Hardware and Sound--> Change System Sounds--> Sound Scheme ( Dropdown Menu )--> Windows Default Scheme--> Apply--> OK--> Shut Down--> Right Click on Taskbar--> Properties--> Notification Area--> CHECK AWAY!!!!!"

Thanks for posting this solution! The original solution didn't work for me because the Volume box in my Notification Area was grayed out and I couldn't check it.

One thing that was slightly different for me was that I couldn't select "Apply" because I already had Windows Default sound scheme already chosen. I had to make another change (I decided on "No windows start-up sound") in order to get "Apply" as an option. Volume was still grayed out after that, but as soon as I restarted, all was back to normal. I didn't even need to go back into the Notification Area to check Volume off. So thanks again for the easy solution. Other sites were talking about editing the registry and I *know* I don't know enough to be messing around with that. :)


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