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Retreive Your Notification

Retreive Your Notification Icons!

Control Panel--> Hardware and Sound--> Change System Sounds--> Sound Scheme ( Dropdown Menu )--> Windows Default Scheme--> Apply--> OK--> Shut Down--> Right Click on Taskbar--> Properties--> Notification Area--> CHECK AWAY!!!!!

The instructions are also illustrated above minus the shut down portion. Had to shut down, even after resetting the default sound sheme it wouldn't let me check it. Icons went away after an update on 1-12.

You should now be able to check 3 boxes or 4boxes if you're on a laptop.

Thanks who ever posted below??? it was pissing me off along with everyone else! lol

Mon, 06/09/2008 - 16:23 — Anonymous (not verified)

I had the same problem. But you can find the volume mixer if you create another user on your window and log on as that.
Anyway I manage to put back the volume mixer again WITHOUT HAVING TO CREAT ANOTHER USER.. I went to the sounds, selected the default scheme and then again I went to the taSk bar and then clicking on properties, Iwas able to click on the volume check box and get the volume mixer back on my notification area.


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