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aaAAARRRGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!

the word "shortcut" should be gone by default install. btw, win95 would stop adding "shortcut to[]" if u deleted that mess from a couple shortcuts immediately after creating each of them.
related annoyance:
the vista icons are so muddy, the shortcut arrow doesn't display in icons in my launch menu!

I've noticed so many vista annoyances, that i rediscover them. ( i can't even recall them, there are so many :-) )

if i had a blog dedicated to vista annoyances and recalcitrance, i'd be blogging 10001/(365|364)/24/7

admittedly at least 1/2 the trouble is that this is a laptop (crappy input hardware) Fortunately for my sanity, i only have to use it when trying to solve an annoyance. many will never be solved.

impromptu rant fin.
now i feel (marginally) better, ahhhh


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