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if any1 is wondering, i figured out how to allow firefox to get on the list. Reinstall firefox. Next go on internet explorer and get the downloader or:

Next, when it asks you to install standard or custom, pick custom and leave the checked marks things alone. At this point, mozilla should be on the list. (make sure to have the programs set as custom not non-microsoft or microsoft). Now, uninstall firefox and install the standard way. Now if you are wondering why you click a link on AIM or MSN and it goes internet explorer. select firefox on the default programs and say set as program as default. that will allow the protocols to change. Now go on the internet one and see what defaults it has. For me it was 3/9, html,mhtml, and url. Now go back to the default programs page and click the second thing changing assosiate something something with a program. Now those programs that internet explorer has, manually set them to firefox. Now reboot your computer and this should work.

Sorry if it didnt but it worked for me =]


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