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For me the lack of normal

For me the lack of normal keyboard shorcuts has been major showstopper in the past. I really like how in VLC you can pause with SPACEBAR and move forward or backward by 5 sec at a time using SHIFT+ARROW LEFT or RIGHT and if you need bigger steps use CONTROL key instead of SHIFT. That's basically all I need.
In the current case I need to change standard WMP shortcuts to imitate VLC (google search took me here) which is unfortunate but neccessary as WM codec 9 advanced profile videos don't seem to go well with latest VLC for Windows (1.0.3)..

Yeah, the world is not perfect, I know.. WMP shortcuts are not usable though (at least with one hand). Makes me wonder why did they even put the arrow keys on the keyboard in the first place (absurd) :P


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