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Windows vista deleting duplicate files and removing shortcuts

I recently bought a laptop and not being a computer whizz have quickly came across a couple of problems....Firsly, I find the mouse on the laptop tricky to use and whilst trying to get to grips with it have managed to copy files into different locations !!
I dragged my favorites folder and into music in error !!! and now have favorites on desktop and in music??????when i delete the one in music it deletes the original from desktop?????? how do i delete the copy i have created leaving the original??????

Also i have deleted various pictures downloaded from my camera...but have noticed various shortcuts which have been left behind?????when io try to delete these shortcuts it says error picture not at this location please find location and try again . The picture is deleted and therefore doesnt have a how do i delete the shortcuts??????
I have tried F5 etc........can someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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