Where did the Shut Down & Log Off buttons go?

One of the most controversial changes in Windows Vista is the redesign of the way in which you can shut down your computer. The Log Off and Shut Down buttons are no longer in the same position even if the new buttons in Windows Vista may give you the impression that they have the same functionality.

So... where did the Shut Down and Log Off buttons go?

If you take a closer look, you will see that near those two big buttons there is a small “arrow like” button. If you press on it, a menu with 7 options will appear. Log Off is the second from the top and Shut Down is the last.

Vista Shutdown button

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They brought back the alt+f4 scrolling box...on the desktop just hit alt+f4 and insted of bringing up a box in which you have to click on, it brings up a box with all the options: shut down, log off ect! I love this part!

unable to view menu to log off on vista

When I put the cursor on the arrow to the right of the lock computer icon I cannot see the fields listed in the menu, the outline of the menu is visible though. I did a system restore and this initially seems to correct the problem . Then I get an error saying an unspecified error has caused system restore to not work. Saying that the changes have not been made. This is now frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.


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