Aug 13, 2015

VIA HD Audio driver for Windows 10

Another VIA HD Audio WHQL signed driver for Windows 10.

For Windows 10, version, dated 08/11/2015.

This driver does not include DTS and SRS enhancements, only VIA and Creative effects are supported.

Download from Google Drive.

Size: 76,3 MB
CRC: 58D9FA10
SHA-1: 795B3FF148DB3AA771F72572C8D640F9F8512EDB


jegarfor said...

Hi David

Only to make you know another audio issue with Realtek HD audio. The problem is that DTS Interactive 5.1 is not supported and a lot of people like me that had 5.1 positional audio withy realtek 898 and 1150 though optical to amp can't activate it.

it is another audio error on windows 10. cheers.

batman said...

Daniel, I installed the drivers successfully, but my volume is too low in win 10. In win 8.1, when I clicked 4 channels in vdeck, my volume levels greatly increased and I like having high volume. Is there any way to do so in win10 ? (I tried to do it from windows speaker configure but didn't have any improvement)