Remove Crapware & exorcise your new Windows OEM computer before using it


  1. Very well written, thanks for this article. Is there any option to get a clean recovery Windows installation to machines with pre-installed crapped versions? – Also on my very new Surface Pro 2 there is an Office version installed as a trial version. I don’t know if this will be activated if I go to the online offer for Office 365, or maybe I’ll download the complete thing again.

  2. Thanks Thomas. You can use any Windows installation media to make a
    fresh install and then use your own OEM license to activate the Windows. You will then have to install your programs separately. Buying an Office 365 subscription will not activate your Office desktop software.

  3. Yes, great article and advice. I took such advice from the Windows Club when I first got Windows 7; then I just ran CCleaner and a good defrag, and man, I finally saw why people liked 7! These days it also helps to use the new native Windows Update Cleanup in “Disk Cleaner”: gave me back a little over 1GB HDD space on my “geezer”.

  4. It’s easy to get rid of trialware and the like. The real big trouble is trying to remove the crapware from the manufacturer itself, like, for instance, Dell System Software, Dell Download Manager, etc. Once I tried to uninstall one of these and my notebook started to show errors right after rebooting!

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