Tweak VI Basic

Tweak VI Basic is one of the few tweaking solutions that were designed for Windows Vista. It was also the first to be available for free. As its name says, this solution allows you to tweak and optimize your Windows Vista operating system.

Tweak VI Basic includes a set of 11 plug-ins that deliver a core set of tweaks split into the following categories: System Information and Tweaks, Miscellaneous Tweaks, Visual Tweaks, Internet Tweaks and Utilities.

If you need additional tweaks you can upgrade to Tweak VI Premium or Tweak VI Ultimate. The first costs 29.99$ and offers 8 additional plug-ins while the second costs 39.99$ and includes another 15 plug-ins for even more advanced configuration options.

Tweak VI Basic

We tested this application on two PCs with Windows Vista Ultimate installed and this is our impression:

What We Liked:

* the interface – it looks great and it is very easy to use. All the configuration options are split into self-explanatory categories. For example, if you want to change some of the visual aspects of Windows Vista, you just go to the Visual Tweaks category and apply the tweak you want;

* the internet tweaks category – unlike other similar applications, you can tweak not only Internet Explorer but also Firefox (our favourite browser). Tweak VI Basic allows you to tune your Firefox according to your connection speed and computer performance. It also gives you several configuration options like turning the auto complete function for URLs ON and OFF or enabling caching over secure connections.

* unlike other applications we tested, it does not annoy its users with pop-ups asking them to purchase the commercial version.

What We Did Not Like:

* the fact that some of the configuration options have descriptions or names which are more suited for Windows XP than Windows Vista. While browsing through the options and menus, Tweak VI Basic seemed to be a port to Windows Vista and not a software designed only for this operating system.

* the fact that Tweak VI practically recommends users to disable UAC (User Account Control). We know UAC is annoying for most users but it also offers additional security.

Tweak VI Basic

Even though Tweak VI Basic doesn’t offer so many features and configuration options like the commercial versions, we think it is a perfect solution for regular users that want to safely optimize their systems without having to learn the technical stuff behind Windows Vista.

If you would like to use Tweak VI Basic, you can find it here.

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