Reviews of 3rd party applications that work on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Windows Vista The Pocket Guide & why you should stay away from this e-book

A few days ago, we were approached by Rich Robinson and asked to review his e-book called 'Windows Vista The Pocket Guide'. Since I saw other people mentioning this e-book on their sites and as we did post here book reviews in the past, I gave it a try. Despite some positive opinions that I have read about this book, I have to be honest and make a sincere statement by saying that it is far from being what other people have advertised it to be. After carefully reading it, I truly recommend everybody to stay away from it. The arguments that I will present in this article will prove that the above mentioned e-book is filled with poor tutorials, useless tips and bad or questionable advice.

Firefox 3: short review on Windows Vista

If you have visited our site in the last few days, I'm sure you noticed the new Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 logo. On the 17th of June 2008, Mozilla has officially launched the 3rd version of their famous Firefox browser. To celebrate this launch, Mozilla has planned to set the Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours. In order to help them achieve this goal, I would like to share with you some of the reasons for which you should download and install this great piece of software right-away.

CCleaner - When Disk Cleanup is no longer enough

On our site you can find a lot of articles with tips & tricks about how to speed up Windows Vista and how to have an enjoyable computer experience. One way to have a fast system is to keep it as "clean" as possible: with very little space occupied by temporary or unused files and with little or no invalid registry keys.

One way to achieve this is to use Disk Cleanup. However, this tool can clean only files and not registry keys. A better solution is to use CCleaner - a freeware optimization tool that cleans-up all unnecessary files & invalid registry keys.

Handy Recovery - When Deleting is Not for Ever and for Always

I always used to blame people who weren't paying attention when handling files. I kept asking them: How can you be so stupid to delete your personal documents or image files? When I taught my mother to use the computer I told her that 'Shift+Delete' is the total extinction of files, with no possible way of going back. I myself actually believed that for a while.

Then I discovered the file and data recovery software. 'What a great technology'', I said! Just until I had to recover my first accidentally deleted video files. The result: a total mess; all my recovered videos were unplayable, and the ones that I could play were fragmented, with altered sound and misplaced frames. However, there were cases when I managed to recover my lost files.

Windows Live Mail - A short overview

In November 2007 Microsoft launched a new e-mail client called Windows Live Mail. This client is one of the tools included in the Windows Live set of services and software products. Windows Live Mail is the successor of both Outlook Express and Windows Mail. This means that in the future it will be the only supported free e-mail client, and all development work going forward will only be on Windows Live Mail. For this reason, you might consider going to the download page and start using it.

But, before you do that, let's see what novelties Windows Live Mail has to offer.

Desktop Shooting Session: ACA Capture Pro in Action!

Sharing computer experiences has become a common practice among internet users and that's why capturing the right moments on screen is a frequent activity. I often happened to send and receive images with unexpected or funny error messages, benchmark results or desktop captures. I must admit it wasn't easy to do it without the appropriate software for this.

I have thus decided to get rid of the old-fashioned and rigid PrintScreen method and began trying out professional software applications that are specially designed for this. Screen Capture Software - ACA Capture Pro is one of them and, since the 30 days trial version of this application is fully functional, I allowed myself to explore its features and capabilities. You can also download it and try it for free.

I must admit that I was a bit reticent about this software at the beginning as I kept wondering why one should pay for such an application when there are many free products out there which are said to be doing approximately the same things. And yet, after exploring and configuring ACA Capture Pro's features, I have agreed that a well done job can only be made by a well done software, whereas the well done software is done by professional programmers.

So let's see then what this 'Pro' product can do and why should it worth the price to pay for!

VistaBootPro - Manage multiple operating systems the easy way

Windows Vista brought a big number of changes, including a new startup process. The Windows Vista boot manager is pretty different compared to the one in Windows XP, therefore managing your boot configuration is more complicated. Fortunately for us, the "PROnetworks" team developed VistaBootPRO - a tool that allows users to manage their boot configuration without getting their hands dirty with the technical stuff. Unfortunately, VistaBootPro has a fee of $9.95 for personal use.

Tweak VI Basic

Tweak VI Basic is one of the few tweaking solutions that were designed for Windows Vista. It was also the first to be available for free. As its name says, this solution allows you to tweak and optimize your Windows Vista operating system.

Tweak VI Basic includes a set of 11 plug-ins that deliver a core set of tweaks split into the following categories: System Information and Tweaks, Miscellaneous Tweaks, Visual Tweaks, Internet Tweaks and Utilities.

If you need additional tweaks you can upgrade to Tweak VI Premium or Tweak VI Ultimate. The first costs 29.99$ and offers 8 additional plug-ins while the second costs 39.99$ and includes another 15 plug-ins for even more advanced configuration options.

10 free applications for Windows Vista

Today we would like to inaugurate a new section of our website. Here you will find articles and opinions about Windows Vista. Also, we will try to present free or open source applications that are made for Windows Vista.

For our first article we have a list of 10 free applications that work on Windows Vista, split into these categories: Antivirus Solutions, Anti-Spyware Solutions, Internet Browsers, Multimedia Players, Office Productivity Suites and Compression Tools.

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