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Problem importing contacts! - submited by "Raide"

I've imported my contacts, i have 9800+ contacts.

Now, every time i try to creat a new email, it freezes and i got to restart the program.

Also, is there a way to import my groups configuration? I had a lot of groups, and dont wanto to lose them.

Pls, help!!


Re: "Don't see any .dbx files..."

The tutorial mistakenly told you to "look in the folder where the .dbx files are" and it should say "look in the folder ABOVE the folder where the files are" I had the same problem, and this was the solution. There is a comment to that effect on the next-to-last page of the tutorial printout. Don't know why they can't edit the tutorial; otherwise it is incredibly accurate and easy to use!
I've looked all over, thanks for this tutorial.

My own Mail Folders was not created after migration

Hello All,
I made a migration but my own folders that i created on old computer with OE 6 was not created and fullfiled with apropriate message. Why?
Thanks, zdenek

Importing Outlook Express into Vista

I, too, am having the problem of importing my mail into Vista. Have the easy transfer cable, tried everything, read every post here. Have gotten my files transferred and they are there, but they won't import. Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated.

I have looked and my files are marked "read only", but when I unmark them and go back in, they automatically go back to read only, instantly . I also have the double node issue. I can get rid of that, but it takes some time. Is there an easy fix to this issue? Why can't I just type in my file location????

When I get to the point to transfer in my files, it says they do not exist. Please help!! I have spent days on this, literally!!!

trying to import

The same as others: when trying to import, no messages can be found, even though I could see them in the CD / memory stick.

import OE msg store into Vista Mail

One of the scary things about these instructions (https://www.wintuts.com/Migrate-from-Outlook-Express-to-Windows-Mail) is "all your imported messages will be placed in the Imported Folder". I have about 8 yrs worth of msgs in about 500 folders (3G approx). Are you telling me that all these msgs will end up in one folder?

Migrating from Outlook Express to Windows Mail

I currently have Windows XP/Outlook Express and am planning to buy a new computer with Windows Vista. Reading the above tutorial on migrating from Outlook Express to Windows Mail, it seems to assume that you have both programs on the same computer; if transferring to a new computer, do you save to CD or memory stick to export, and then load that onto the new Vista computer before importing?

Do you need to back-up separately first, in case something goes wrong? How much memory space is needed to back-up? (If more than one CD/memory stick, how does this work?) Will the old emails still be there on the original computer?

Advice appreciated. Thanks.

Windows Mail Issues

Hi. My husbands new computer came with Vista 64 bit on his computer. Since his old one died, we hired our computer company to come and take everything straight from the hard drive to the new computer. Everything is transferred great, including all of his email and his contacts. (by the way- so much easier to back up the email with WM) The 2 major problems we are having that I can't find answers to are:
1. His contacts are all there, but they won't auto-complete. The only ones that will auto-complete are the last 29 that he replied to and that changes every time he replies to someone new, the oldest drops off. (we run our businesses from home so we send lots of emails and have lots of contacts)
2. He isn't able to open any attachments. I already unchecked the box that says to not allow any attachments to open that could be potentially harmful. As it is now, he is having to save every attachment to the desktop and then go to the desktop to open them up.
Please help with the solutions! Thank you! (I did already install the updates and the service packs. These didn't fix either of these problems.)

help please today

every time i change the permissions & take off read only & acitvate. Vista changes it back to read only. I am the administrator. I have all powers. ??????

I need my email


Duplicate Node Problem Synopsis

My thanks to all who contributed before me to resolve the duplicate node (duplicate folder name) dilemma. Synopsis: per instructions browse to the Storage folder so that it is the only folder in the file list. Right click Storage folder for Properties/General tab and deselect Attributes: Read-only (once per import function, don't verify). Only then press Select Folder to complete Browse. Confirm correct routing (no duplicate folder name) and press Next to continue. This worked for me on a local area network (XP, OE6 to Vista WM).

Cut and paste into Windows Mail

In the last short while, I have been unable to cut and paste from say, a document in to a message I am creating. I am just talking text here - no pictures. I saw in another forum that alot of folks with Vista seem to be having this problem (as of mid to late April 09) but I did not see a reason for this suddenly occurring nor did I see a solution for it. This is really causing problems for me.

Windows Mail Password disappears

Once a week or maybe two weeks, my passwords are erased from my email accounts. I try to log in as normal clicking on the Windows Mail icon and both POP3 accounts (personal and business) have their passwords missing. I re-insert them and I'm good for a week or two and then they disappear again.

My machine is a couple of months old running Vista home premium with Bitdefender 2009 as my Internet Security package.

I also have Webshots wallpaper running (I only mention it as I've heard their latest version has some issues).

Import OE6 msgs into Windows Mail

I get the dual node problem you refer to in your procedure. I think you say "check that you don't have a duplicated node". Checking's one thing, but fixing it is another. The field concerned does not accept any amendment - I can't delete or amend any text. I'm stuck.
BTW - Should the files be .dbx or is that part of what I've done wrong (it's a long time since I transferred the files onto my Vista machine and can't remember what I did to come up with the files. Perhaps I just copied the files instead of "Exporting" them.

migrating mail fm OE6 to Microsoft Mail ( Vista)

I am trying to copy my emails from my old machine ( XP/OE) to my new ( Vista/Microsoft mail). All works well until I try to direct the new machine to folder containing the messages; - Microsoft Mail doen't recognize that there is any emails in the folder. I can see all the dbx files there, and can restore them to OE. Can you please help.

Vista Windows Mail

All of a sudden my "sent" folder does not show the sent emails. I can receive and send and forward. But when I send an email I never know if it was received or not. This just started to happen with no reason. Verizon sent me to Microsoft and they sent me to HP. No one has an answer. Sounds like a small correction should do the job. But how?

E-mail addresses from Outlook Express to Windows Mail

I need to know how to get my e-mail addresses that were in Outlook Express from old computer running XP onto New Computer running Vista Home Premium (Windows Mail).


Importing Outlook Express messages to Windows Mail

Thanks for your help. There is still a way I may pay it off. If you were unlucky to copy (back up) your Outlook Express messages while Outlook Express was open, you won't be able to import those messages to Windows Mail. When you navigate to the Outlook Express folder, you will get a message that no files match your search or those files are open by other application.

If you are lucky enough to still have your old XP system with Outlook Express folders on it, try to get those folders to your Vista PC and follow the steps to import Outlook Express messages.

Importing messages from OE to Windows Mail on a new PC

I can get to the Import stage but can not select the .pst file. I can see it OK in My Documents so it is not hidden, but I can't see it from the Import Wizard. Any ideas ???


.PST files are not used by Outlook Express, but by the Outlook included in Microsoft Office. It will never work the way you try.

You need to install Microsoft Office with Outlook again, import the .pst file and then from Windows Mail import the messages from Outlook.

I tried that, but still

I tried that, but still windows mail couldn't see them, even though I could see them.

Best Migration Tool Ever

Migrating from Outlook Express (XP's default email program) to Windows Mail (Vista's default email program):

What a joke!

Is the the best DIY tool Microsoft could offer users of Outlook Express to migrate to Windows Mail?

They should try migrating Firefox from XP to Vista, I used MozBackup, twas easy a flicking a switch.

Microsoft - "Why make easy, when we can make it so much harder for y'all"

I had the same issue and

I had the same issue and noticed that vista was doubling the Folder name. For example my files were in C:\Outlook Express, but when I selected that folder in the import process it lookied in C\Outlook Express\Outlook Express. I finally used the nav bar at the top to get the right folder and then had no issues.

Not all messages are imported

I have tried following the tutorial to transfer messages from an OE6/WinME laptop to my new WinMail/Vista.

The Import procedure appears to come to a normal conclusion, and all the expected folders are created under Imported Folder, but many (about half?) of the messages are missing. Some folders are completely empty, some contain only old messages, some only new ones...

Since I had difficulty getting the machines to see each other, I transferred the folder containing the .dbx files via an external drive, but moved it to a public folder on the Vista C:\ to run the import from.
There are about 15 folders, total size 111 MB.

Not sure if this is expected, but after the above attempt, when I reopen WinMail in non-administrator mode, neither the (successfully) imported accounts, nor the new folders do not appear.

Another worrying aspect is that when starting up WinMail as administrator, the dialogue says that it comes from an unknown publisher - is Microsoft trying to deny its responsibility?


Just to add a couple of things:

I had a look at the .eml files, and can confirm that the missing messages really are missing.
Also, watching the progress messages during the import, I could see that the message count was skipping to the end of some of the folders, which also confirms that the .dbx files do seem to contain all the messages.

Also tried with the .dbx files set to All Modify (although the permissions don't seem to work correctly on other applications) - it runs much faster than when ReadOnly, but the end result is the same.

Another question arises:
Since I have run WinMail as an administrator, the message files have been placed in the admin user's space.
This no doubt explains why the ordinary user cannot see them, but the object of the exercise was to make the messages available for the ordinary user.
How can I do that? Should they have been copied over at the end of the import?

My intention is to do the same for each of three ordinary users, and to enable different eMail accounts for each, so that each ordinary user has a 'private' (though not secure) mail client. Unfortunately, the export and import cannot be done selectively, so I'll have a bit of deleting to do once the migrations have been completed.

I'm getting desperate to solve these problems - the old WinME is rapidly fading...


VERY helpful! ^^
Thanks! ^^


Outllook to Windows Mail

I'm trying to migrate my old emails from outlook express to windows mail. My issue is before I got my new computer I was not able to save my information elsewhere, though I do have my old hard drive installed in my new computer. Is there a way to retreive my old email information?

Thank you

I am having the same problem you had

Any resolution?

No no, the secret is NOT to

No no, the secret is NOT to double click on the folder name when about to import. Just single click on the folder name then OK below.

Now you will see a big list of all the Mail Folders you made.

Unfortunately, we can only import them one at a time and some of them don't work. Might be a problem with the old hard drive but what a pain importing them each one at a time.

Problems with transferring .dbx to Vista

Hubby thought he helped and moved all my OE .dbx files to a MY Book for safekeeping during PC rebuild and new PC purchase. Unfortunately he did not move all the files under OE...ie: no FOLDERS file, no INBOX file...just my "working" .dbx files. How can I transfer these files into Windows Vista Mail...or can I? And, if I can not, how is the best way to access them without extracting ALL the emails. That would mean thousands and thousands to extract as I receive at least 3000 a day. *ick to imagine the mess* Please...anyone...suggestions?

Pulling my hair out.

Outlook Express to Windows Mail


I have just transferred all my email from Outlook Express to Windows Mail using your tutorial. However I found that to transfer my contacts from Outlook Express to Windows Mail it is easier and more cleaner to export into a WAB file than to a CSV file.
Test it. It also transfers all your group names.

Thanks for your tutorial.

Importing Outlook email dbx's to Vista

When following the Outlook to Vista instructions, MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE FOLDERS.dbx FILE!! The detailed instructions will not work if you do not. You will get an error stating that the files cannot be found or that they are in use by another application ... or something like that.
ARGH ... er, I mean, isn't Vista great!

How do I create a new Inbox

How do I create a new Inbox when I reached the size limit of the "Old Inbox", without spending "months" for copying mesages?

HTML messages were saved as attachment

I successfully imported my email messages from OE6 to WM. The problem is, all messages in html were saved as an attachment. So now, for each message that is written in html, I have to open an attachment to read it.

Does anyone know why this happened and is there a way to import html messages without WM saving it as an attachment?

Thank you

What is procedure going from ME to Vista?

The procedure listed goes from XP to Vista. I need to move Email from ME/Outlook Express 5
to Vista/ Windows Mail. Can I move just one file like the "Sent Items" ? Thanks for your
hard work.

Xfer of OE data to Windows Mail in Vista

I would like to check something out that I have read here, but want to confirm. I have an old laptop that just croaked after 4+ years, no video. I was able to pull the data from my hard drive onto an external drive. Given the fact that I cannot "see" anything, I was not able to first export my OE files. The files I copied are just straight up off of my old laptop. Now I need to see if I can still "import" into Windows Mail, even though I did not go through the actual export process. Can I select the OE folder as others have suggested? Will that work for both contacts and actual emails? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

By the way - fantastic forum site and great information. I have printed several of the "how to's" here and they look to be great and very well detailed. Wonderful job!


Contacts in Windows Mail

I have exported successfully address book CSV format from Outlook Express to Windows Mail but when i write mail in windows mail as like email address is display in outlook express means as soon as i type first character of email address it show full email addresses related to that character,in windows mail that don`t show email address i must manually type full email address.
Any suggestions for this issue?

No obvious how to fix this problem if new to Vista

All I wanted to do was to transfer mail & addresses from my old WinMe machine with Outlook Express 6.0, to my shiny new notebook with Vista and Outlook 2007. You would have thought the simple way, was to get Outlook 2007 to import mail and address book by reading the .wab and .dbx files across the network and importing directly into Outlook 2007.

But no, I can't access files across the network due to changes in the authentication protocols - Vista uses NTLMv2, while WinMe uses LM and NTLM (there is a registry hack to fix this but I didn't want to mess with the registry when I had only had the machine for a day). In the end I copied the .wab and .dbx files onto a CD to copy them to my new notebook.

Next problem, Outlook 2007 cannot directly read the files - according to Microsoft you need to use Outlook Express. Again, it's a new machine and I didn't want to install Outlook Express if it meant I had to "downgrade" to IE6 (apparently the case since it come as an IE6 setup file). But I did find that Outlook 2007 could read fom Outlook Express' replacement, Windows Mail.

The last big problem was the bug in the Windows Mail import function, where it claims there are no files to be found. In an earlier effort to get round the problem, I had messed around with the file protection and ownership and it still made no difference. Finally I noticed, it had repeated the last folder in the file path. To get round this, I needed to navigate to the parent folder of the folder containg the .dbx files, and then in the right-hand pane simply select the folder (ie. one click only).

The import of mails and addresses then went smoothly. I was finally able to fire up Outlook 2007, and import my mail and address from Windows Mail.

To summarise:
Step 1: Copy the .wab and .dbx to the new machine.
Step 2; Start Windows Mail - there's no need to create a mail account.
Step 3: Import the addresses from the .wab file.
Step 4: Import the mail messages from the .dbx files (only select the folder). Windows Mail should then import successfully.
Step 5: Close Windows Mail and open Outlook 2007.
Step 6: Choose "Import from another program or file" then "Outlook Express... Windows Mail", and all your mails end up in Outlook 2007.

Windows mail not working properly after importing from outlook


I tried and followed your advice on importing contacts and e-mails from outlook express to windows mail. Unfortunately i can only see my contacts but not my inbox. The inbox shows that there are 40 mails but i cannot read them, although i can read them when i search for them in the forlder that i saved them to when copying them from outlook express 6. I also get a message; Possible causes are:

Low disk space.

Low memory.

That is impossible because i bought a brand new laptop with 1 GB of RAM and the HDD still has 60GB of storage space left on it.

Please help.

Thank you

I accomplished with

I accomplished with thunderbird in 5 minutes what has took me 5 hours of failure with any microsoft mail server. embarrassing. my next machine is an apple.

Creating new mail

I just purchased a new computer with Windows Vista on it. When my daughter accesses her webmail on her college website she cannot reply or create a new message. It will not allow her to write the message. She can put in the contact info and subject but not write a message. There is a X in the left hand corner of box. One note she is able to do this task on a computer that has a windows program other than vista. Can someone help! Next semester is starting soon.

Imported Folders

The imported messages will always be placed in the "Imported Folders" folder. There is no workaround.
Regarding the Deleted Messages folder, it would be a good idea to empty it before migrating your messages to Windows Mail.
There is no point in migrating tons of useless messages.


Hello Lindsay,

I don't know why Microsoft did not bother to offer a seamless method of transferring all data from OE to WMail. We did our best in trying to help people by creating a migration guide. I know it requires a lot of work but this method seems to be the only one working. In most cases...
The sad part is that Windows Mail is not truly supported by Microsoft. Right now they are pushing to promote Windows Live Mail and my guess is Windows Mail will never be updated but phased out somehow.

Regarding your second problem... I did not want to offend you in any way. Usually, the Deleted Messages folder contains the messages you do not need.

Migrating Outlook Express files to Windows Mail

Just in case anyone else has had this problem: I've spent the last six hours trying to import Outlook Express files into Windows Mail. No luck. No matter what I tried (and I tried everything probable and improbable) I kept getting a message that there were no files to copy (or some such rot -- does anyone out there hate Vista as much as I do?). Finally I noticed that the import module was inserting an extra `Microsoft`in the string, so I moved the Outlook Express folder from the Microsoft folder to the Identities folder (ALONG WITH the Microsoft folder), ran the import again, and voila! -- it worked. Don`t ask me why...

Importing additional files from OE to Windows Mail

I followed your procedures and was able to import my files - no problem. I then moved them out of the Imported folder to the Local Folder. HOWEVER, I now have some more files that I want to import. No matter how I try, when I click on Browse and go to my memory stick drive which now has the new files, I then click on that folder. When I go to the select screen it still brings me up the old files. No matter what I do I cannot seem to find the new files, even though they are on my flash drive. I tried to rename the folder but it still brings up the list of the original files. Is there any way I can add new files from my XP running PC to my Vista laptop?

Import .iaf files from Outlook Express to Windows Mail

I exported my messages in Outlook Express before I moved to my new computer with Vista. I moved the .iaf folder to the new computer. I am working with Windows Mail and trying to import the messages, which OE saved as .iaf files and it will not recognize them. How do I import .iaf files into Windows Mail?

Does anybody here know how to import message rules??

I had no trouble importing my address-book/accounts/emails into Windows mail from Outlook Express; however, the "Message Rules" were not included as a part of that import! If anyone here knows how to import these rules, please post it here... I will NOT be looking forward to manually adding these rules to Windows Mail!!

Win98 OE is that OE6?

I have my email in Outlook Express Win98. Can this be imported into Vista by selecting OE6?

problem with subfolder


I have imported successfully all mail with subfolder for winXP to win vista under the imported folder. Then I need to transfer all the inbox and subfolder under imported folder to his orginally inbox by drags and drop as you mentioned and i deleted all subfolder and inbox under the imported folder and from it root folder. But after deleted when i access mail from subfolder it simply given error "mail not found". I can access mail only from inbox.

(networking administrator)


You get that error because you need to create an e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook.

import of Outlook Express 06 mail doesn't work

I am receiving the following error" No Messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has required files open. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have the files open. I have checked the file - under properties - and it is not "read only" and not "hidden". Any ideas!! thanks very much

Windows Mail fails to import mail created with OE v 4

I used the import facilities as described and it worked fine - but then I discovered that all mails from the time I was running Outlook Express v 4 (before 2001) was silently ignored by the import script. These mails had succesfully been imported first to OE v5 and then to OE v 6. They are visible in my OE v 6 application. Any clues?