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Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10 Users

Now that the Windows 10 operating system has been rolled out widely and more and more people are taking the plunge, it is time to share some shortcuts that will make it even easier to use. So far the reception for Windows 10 has been largely positive -- certainly better than the debacle that accompanied the release of Windows 8. Whether you are already using Windows 10 or just getting ready to upgrade, here are some simple keyboard shortcuts you can start using right now.

Windows Media Player 11 Keyboard shortcuts

We have published lots of articles and tutorials about Windows Media Player 11. This time we have prepared for you a list with the most useful keyboard shortcuts.

Internet Explorer 7 keyboard shortcuts

As a continuation of our article on Internet Explorer 7, we have prepared for you a list with the most useful keyboard shortcuts. If you go through this list, you will find that some of these shortcuts can improve your browsing experience.

Windows Mail keyboard shortcuts

In this article we have compiled a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that can be used when working in Windows Mail. Of course, you can always work using only the mouse but, if you will learn some of these shortcuts, you will notice that using the keyboard always saves you time.

Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts

Some of our visitors searched the site for keyboard shortcuts to various actions. We searched for a complete list of Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts and we found it on the Microsoft Windows Vista Help pages. The complete list is pretty big and some of them are not so useful or easy to remember. This is why we tried to compact it a little and we decided to publish in this article only those which we found useful.

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