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How The Scan Works

Here are a few steps to help you:

1. Download the scan using the link above

Download system scan

2. Install the scan after the download has completed

Install system scan

3. Run the scan on your computer and see what errors it finds

Run system scan

4. Click “Fix All” to allow the software to automatically fix errors it finds

Fix PC errors

That’s it!

Also, here are a few other links to other programs or scans that can help you as well.

  • Malware scan – Malware scans can help detect malicious software that has been installed on your computer. Highly recommended to have some form of malware protection installed and enabled on your computer.
  • Registry scan – Registry scans can help optimize your registry to make sure entries are functioning properly. Registry scans can help improve the general performance of your computer.
  • Privacy and Security scan – Privacy and security software can help protect your computer from internal and external threats. If you are security conscious, it may be advisable to have a privacy or security program running on your system.