The file, audio3d.dll, is a module that originates from Sensaura that is used to support hardware for sound card processes. The legacy version for windows is DMXFire 1024 and is … Read more

Privacy and Security Software

Private information is recorded every single day on your computer. Usernames, passwords, birthdays, social security numbers, credit cards, and any other information that has been entered into a website, form, … Read more

Registry Cleaning Software

Many PC errors stem from problems within the Windows registry. Usually, an effective registry scanner can take detect and repair these errors. Although the problems come from the Windows registry … Read more

PC Optimization Software

Computers are comprised of hardware and software. Software runs most effectively and efficiently when the hardware is in working order. Because of that, utilities have been created to help optimize … Read more

Data Recovery Software

Computers and the functions they provide are continuously improving. Because of how powerful and easy technology has become, many people take it for granted. However, it is important to remember … Read more

Driver Update Software

For computer hardware and software to interact properly, a program, or device driver, is installed and provides configuration details that allow the devices to work together. For example, simply connecting … Read more

Anti-Malware Software

What is malware? Malware, as the name suggests, is malicious software often developed as a way to interrupt the proper function of computer hardware and/or software. Malware can be found … Read more

Anti-Virus Software

Computers were created to help increase efficiency and productivity. However, the cost to maintain them is a growing challenge and may require substantial amounts of time and money to secure … Read more


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.ocx Errors

If your computer is using a Microsoft operating system, .ocx files are present and abundant throughout your hard drive. What are .ocx files and what do they do? Closely related … Read more