The cstext32.ocx file is property of Crescent QuickPak (Sax Software Corporation). Cstext32.ocx is an OLE or Object Linking and Embedding file.

cstext32.ocxFile name: Cstext32.ocx
Description: Crescent TEXT OLE Control
File size: 390 KB
Rating: 4 stars based on 26 votes
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If the cstext32.ocx file is not registered on the system, it may result in application failure. The computer system will also show an error like “Component cstext32.ocx is missing.” If the cstext32.ocx file is installed on the computer’s operating system but it has to be registered, then this can be done from the computer’s command line.

The cstext32.ocx file is not a system process, which means it came from software you put on your computer system. Since almost all applications hold data in the computer system’s registry, it is very possible that the registry has underdone damage and received entries that are not valid. This issue will negatively affect the computer operating system’s performance. For this reason, it is suggested that the computer system’s registry is scanned in order to locate any issues that slow down the entire operating system.