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Was the Restore Successful?

There was mention in the post the restore was unable to restore some system files due to administrator access not being present. Did subsequent restore attempts succeed? Was the vista system fully functional after a restore? A little more detail on the restore process and how it was tested, ie, a new drive was installed into the computer or the drive was wiped, steps toward making the wiped hard drive or new hard drive in the system capable of starting and running the restore process would be handy.

I stumbled upon this post but I'm glad I did. GFI makes some other very useful and productive software applications and I was somewhat surprised to read that the GFI backup is free. I cannot think of a reason why Microsoft left out the capability of backing up the entire system out of the home versions of vista except perhaps to enable companies like GFI to make inroads to the market.
Thank you for the post.

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