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Results - Here They Are

To find the results of your Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool after the computer restarts, do this:
1) Right-click on COMPUTER in your Vista start menu and choose MANAGE.
2) In the Computer Management screen that pops up, expand the EVENT VIEWER in the left-hand panel by clicking on the little arrow to the left of the words EVENT VIEWER.
3) From this expanded menu, expand WINDOWS LOGS.
4) On this expanded menu, left-click on SYSTEM.
5) Now, the middle panel will be populated with a huge number of events. To find the one you're looking for, click on FIND in the right panel.
6) In the Find window, type "MemoryDiagnostics" (all one word, but without the quotes) and click the FIND NEXT button. (Note: you could just type "memory" and still find what you're looking for.)
7) Now, in the panel below, you'll see two tabs: GENERAL and DETAILS. Click on DETAILS.
8) Now, you'll see data about your test. If the test passed, you'll see the word PASS on about the fifth line down next to COMPLETION TYPE.

NOTE: I ran this test using the EXTENDED option and two passes. On my Vista 64-bit machine with 4GB of memory, it took 3 hours and 28 minutes to finish. If you want to time yours, compare the time next to MemoryDiagnostics-Results with the time next to MemoryDiagnostics-Schedule.

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