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Fixed Black Screen After MDSCHED

First of all it took over 17 hours to run MDSCHED on my PC. I used the "extended" test setting and have 16GB of RAM. Be patient with this tool as long as you don't see any error messages.

I had a blank / black screen after reboot. Windows would start but I had no video. The boot was different in that the bios options (for entering bios setup) were never displayed. I have an EVGA 920 SC video card. It costs over $200 so I was worried. First I noticed it would boot ok in safe mode and my video drivers looked fine. I unplugged it and took out the video card to see how it would boot with onboard graphics (not using video card). I realized this is my PC that does not have onboard graphics! I put the video card back in, plugged PC back in, and everything was fine.

I think it was the unplugging the PC for a while that actually fixed it. I'm suspecting something early in the boot process gets corrupted and remains corrupted until power is completely removed. I had my PC unplugged for several minutes. It may only require 10 seconds but give it a good time to sit and drain all components.

Good Luck!


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