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hi all, To enable the

hi all,
To enable the microphone playback, you need to edit registry.
Go to " run" in the start menu, and type "regedit".
then search for the following:"disablemicfromplayback" and do the following changes...

"disablemicfromplayback" shows a 01 value. Change it to 00.
"disablemicselect" shows a 01 value. Change it to 00.

Once you are in regedit, use f3 and just cut and past the above lines
to search. I think it disablemicfromplayback actually appears in the
registry twice so be sure to hit f3 a couple of times until search is
complete for both registry lines.

After values are changed, reboot, and volume control for mic during
playback will now be an option. By default, when the option appears
and you add it as an available slider, it will be muted.


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