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I'm late to this discussion but agree with the idea that we all should be able to permanently opt out of non-critical MS software such as the MRT.
Everything running on a PC takes resources and also has the risk of failing and causing down time. Each user or support team (home / office) should have the freedom to control and monitor the installation of non-essential software that could affect system performance. So MS needs to either designate it as critical to their OS and ALWAYS install it OR make it easier to block and forget about it. Every month we have to kill this "update" from installing on our servers. The sad thing is MS is pretty smart about this stuff so that only leaves me with the thought this it is a marketing ploy of some kind that eventually will come to light and wipe out half their endpoint protection competitors due to it's integration into our mostly "MS World". Remember, this is one update that asks that we "agree" with a licensing agreement.....hmmmm, why is that? It's a "free" application, not an update.


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