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I appreciate the time you took to explain this piece of software. However there is an aspect that you don’t mention and is hard to find on the web.

Even if I don’t want this software Microsoft continues to try and force me to install it.

I currently do NOT have MRT.exe on my machine (xp pro) yet each month MS lists this as a download that is pre checked so that if I use the express download option it would automatically get installed. I’m a little annoyed at this because I feel the MS Update Center should only update existing software on my system, not install new software. Also, new software should never install automatically. It should always ask permission and allow me to opt out of this and future installs. MRT.exe doesn’t do any of this.

I can, and have, checked the little box that says never ask me again about this file but guess what? Since the date is part of the file name then when the next update comes along it considers the file as something new and so wants to download it again.

Also, I noticed that Vista machines don’t seem to have this little checkbox. On my wife’s vista machine if the MRT is the only download and I uncheck it then the OK button gets grayed out and my only option is to cancel which means that the box is left as checked. It appears that on Vista machines MS is forcing you to accept this download no matter what.

If another company was continually trying install a piece of software that I didn’t want, didn’t ask my permission and doesn’t give me a way to opt out of the install I would call that software either spam or a virus.


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