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the truth about windows software removal tool

The truth is that this software has a limited database at best. It is my 'opinion' that this tool was developed for one purpose and one purpose only, to keep people from pirating MS Windows software and other MS products. This is why MS tries to keep it in the updates even though it isn't really needed (again, in my 'opinion'). MS Windows protects itself from piracy of it's products in three (3) basic ways.

1. Product Installation Key of varying types - VLK for volume license key, DLK for Developer (checked against it's servers, where your machine is considered pirated if the key is ever blacklisted).
2. Activation depending on which version you have.
3. Windows Genuine Advantage program verified by the.... you guessed it "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool".

I hope you enjoyed reading. In my 'opinion', you have a legal right to know what it is that the software does.


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