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MRT i weird folders

Hi, I have had similar thoughts.

It seems like these folders are spread out by Vista. I understand (by googleing the subject) that the MRT exefile is downloaded once a month and only used used once. It should be found in C:\Windows\System32.

Other locations are not default, and bad contents have been reported according to google answers.

I ran Mbam just in case but it found nothing. So I just deleted all these weird folders containing MRT.

Why they are spread out like this is hard to say, but Vista is by default having Pagefiles spread out over all HDDs' partitions present.

I have for privacy reasons chosen to remove the ticks (in advanced system settings) from all partitions exept C: (System partition), in order to have paging only on C:

Since then the MRT spread-out seems to have stopped.

Remains to be seen if this is a coincidence though - I can't tell yet.

Hope this was helpful.


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