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Windows Vista Basic Color Scheme - no option to change colors?

If I open the appearance settings I have the option of selecting a color scheme, such as what I use which is Windows Vista Basic color scheme. However there appears to be no way to change the colors of the scheme. I would like to change from the default bluish hues to something different. If I hit the advanced button it does have a clunky menu for changing the color of windows and fonts and such. Unfortunately it does not appear to work. I changed the colors but they do not apply anyway and I am still stuck with blue.
What is going on? Its no longer easy to change window colors? This doesn't make any sense to me.
Right click on desktop and choose "Personalize"
On the Personalization window that pops up I choose "Window Color and Appearance"
A box pops up showing that I am currently using the Windows Vista Basic color scheme and on the top shows the look of that scheme with the current color.
There are only 3 ways to change this on this box:
Change the "Color Scheme" from the choice box. Other choices are like Windows Aero, Windows Standard, Windows Classic etc. (My only reasonable choice is to stick with Windows Vista Basic, What I want to do is change the colors being used by windows vista basic) There is no custom or new option or anything.
Effects button: nothing to do with color
Advanced button: I choose the advanced button and a new box pops up where it appears that I can choose the color of the window areas. Unfortunately this does not change the colors I see when using windows. I changed the colors to orange to test it out. Nothing happened. However I did notice that once a square shaped rather than smooth cornered error message popped up for something that happened. And that box did in fact appear with the orange color I selected.

How made it??? Please!!! Somebody Help!!!


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