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@everybody. If your printer isn't working after doing all that is humanly possible then you should try the support@your_printer_manufacturer. This is also available for other components.

@pookiehontas. I didn't find that post/article @YAnswers. I found the user but it was @Ytech. Although I do think you shouldn't say bad things about something based on a ex-worker opinion but rather on your own. "the support was fast so it gets A" + "should test the printer text/image/etc to see if it's worth the money you payed" = "your opinion, meaning the opinion that counts". PS: No problem. I'm just glad you solved your problem.

@Trying to install a Lexmark x1150 3in 1 printer
what windows vista do you have currently installed?
see_page_two@comments with subject: @Fax won't work on HP 2510 All-in-One Printer. To use scan search sourceforge "sane", "twain", "flatbed". You'll find programs that are free to download&use. For fax already gave an advice at that comment. Also read other comments here. some might help you.
However if your printer doesn't print then you should ask for support from the manufacturer.

@multiple printers at control panel/printer folder
1. Go to the desired printer you want to have removed and right click->delete. It should work. For a more advance feature (if the delete feature doesn't do the job): and unnistall the printer driver. Afterwards install the printer again (fresh install sounds good) and see if you encounter the problem again. However I would probably use step 2 and 3 (If it works why break it).
2. NoWork@: You have the make default option. Play around with that cause that is your solution to your problem. Guess that also makes it a part of the problem (see above article@last two images for details). To make a printer default right click on printer -> "set as default".
3. Also, you only need to install your printer once the next time(s) it works without installment. Just plug the usb to your computer and it works.


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